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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Powerful'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aashay Powerful, meaningful
2 Boy Abdul-azeez Servant of the mighty, the powerful
3 Boy Abdul-aziz Servant of the powerful one
4 Boy Abdul-qadir Servant of the capable, powerful
5 Boy Abhibhava Overpowering, powerful, victorious
6 Boy Abhiru Not a coward, strong, powerful
7 Girl Abhisri Surrounded by glory, shining, powerful
8 Boy Abzar Powerful, mighty
9 Boy Adbul-qawi Servant of the most powerful
10 Boy Advith Focused, powerful, lord vishnu
11 Girl Ahobal Powerful
12 Boy Ahobala Very powerful
13 Girl Aindri Lighting of eyes, the powerful, belongs to the pow
14 Girl Aindri The powerful, belongs to the powerful
15 Boy Ajendranath Powerful like god to create anything
16 Boy Akbar Powerful, greatest, bigger
17 Boy Akbar Powerful, great
18 Girl Aleina Light, powerful
19 Boy Ambhrina Powerful
20 Boy Ambhrna Powerful
21 Girl Anaika Powerful and complete
22 Girl Anaira Powerful or complete
23 Boy Angadh Powerful
24 Boy Anjanay Son of anjana, powerful
25 Girl Anvika Powerful and complete
26 Girl Anvika Powerful and complete, a name of a godess
27 Boy Arasu Most powerful person of the world
28 Girl Arjna Powerful
29 Boy Arshak Powerful
30 Boy Arya To get the most important, powerful, noble, great,
31 Girl Ashanti Powerful empire on the west coast of africa
32 Boy Ashlek Powerful
33 Boy Asuri Demonlike, verypowerful
34 Boy Aswin Powerfull boy in world, spear friend, cute, name o
35 Girl Athira Powerful, prayer, quick, lightening
36 Boy Atral Skilled, powerful
37 Girl Azam The powerful one
38 Boy Aziz Powerful, friend, dear one, precious, to be cheris
39 Boy Baalveer Strong, powerful
40 Boy Bahudama Suppressor of many, strong, powerful
41 Boy Baibhav Richness or prosperity or glorious or powerful or
42 Boy Balabhadra Powerful
43 Boy Baland Supreme.excellent. balaraj powerful.
44 Boy Balanika With a powerful army
45 Boy Balavala Very powerful
46 Boy Balavan Powerful
47 Boy Balavana Strong, powerful
48 Boy Balavant Powerful, lord hanuman
49 Boy Balavata Powerful, intense
50 Boy Balavira Brave and powerful
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