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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Pleasing'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Abhiraam Pleasing
2 Girl Abhiraam Lovely, pleasing
3 Boy Abhiraam Pleasing
4 Boy Abhiram Lovely, pleasing
5 Boy Abhirup Pleasant look, pleasing
6 Boy Abhirup Pleasing, handsome, charming
7 Boy Abhirup Very nice, pleasing, handsome
8 Girl Abhirup Pleasing
9 Boy Abhirupa Pleasing form, handsome, charming, lord shiva and
10 Girl Abhirupi Pleasing, handsome, charming
11 Boy Bandhul Pleasing
12 Boy Bhavanbir Pleasing brave
13 Boy Bhavanchet Pleasing remembrance
14 Boy Bhavanjeet Pleasing victory
15 Boy Bhavanmeet Pleasing friend
16 Boy Bhavanpreet Pleasing love
17 Boy Caksusya Pleasing to the eyes
18 Boy Candaka The shining one, pleasing, the moon
19 Boy Carumoda Pleasing, joy, gladness
20 Boy Devamadana Pleasing the gods
21 Girl Dilpreet Pleasing, the heart's pleasure
22 Girl Dilpreet Of one's liking, pleasing to the heart
23 Boy Jatya Pleasing
24 Boy Jatya Pleasing
25 Boy Kamarupa Of the form of love, beautiful, pleasing
26 Girl Kilimoli Pleasing voice, parrot's speech
27 Boy Madhuchanda Pleasing metrical composition
28 Girl Madhuchanda Pleasing metrical composition
29 Boy Madhuchanda Pleasing metrical composition
30 Boy Manmohan Lord krishna, pleasing
31 Boy Manmohan Pleasing
32 Boy Manmohan Lord krishna, pleasing
33 Girl Manoerama Pleasing to the mind
34 Girl Manoeramjani Pleasing to the mind
35 Boy Manogya Delightful, pleasing, handsome
36 Girl Manoranjana Pleasing, entertaining
37 Girl Manoroma Pleasing
38 Boy Modak Pleasing
39 Boy Modak Pleasing
40 Boy Nandak Pleasing
41 Boy Nandak Pleasing
42 Boy Nandan Pleasing, son
43 Boy Nandighosh Pleasing, son
44 Girl Nityapriya Ever pleasing
45 Boy Nityapriya Ever pleasing
46 Boy Nityapriya Ever pleasing
47 Girl Paadini Pleasing song, pleasing song, also padini
48 Girl Paadini Pleasing song
49 Boy Parakh Satisfying, pleasing
50 Boy Prajaranjan Act of pleasing
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