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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Perfect'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Aavyaan Perfect
2 Boy Aavyan Perfect
3 Boy Abhineet Perfect
4 Girl Abhineet Perfect
5 Boy Abhineet Perfect
6 Boy Abhineet Perfect
7 Girl Ablaa Perfectly formed
8 Girl Ablaa Perfectly formed, a flower
9 Girl Ablaa;ablah-abla Perfectly formed
10 Boy Acchindra Flawless, uninterrupted, perfect
11 Boy Achindra Flawless, uninterrupted, perfect
12 Girl Achindra Perfect, without faults
13 Boy Adarsh Perfection, excellence, ideal
14 Girl Aiesha Woman, alive, she who lives, life, lively, perfect
15 Girl Aimiah Perfect
16 Boy Akmal Perfect, whole, more complete
17 Boy Akmal Perfect
18 Boy Akshayakumar Unscathed, perfect
19 Boy Akshey Unscathed, perfect
20 Boy Amrik Nectar, god of the sky, perfectionist
21 Boy Amsan He is perfect
22 Boy Anadrishti Perfect, beyond check
23 Boy Anagh Sinless, pure, perfect, energy, without any fault
24 Boy Anganalan Perfection at glance, lord shiva name
25 Boy Anindith The blameless one, one with no faults, the perfect
26 Girl Anjala Perfect
27 Boy Arthic Perfect and love
28 Boy Avyaan Someone with no imperfections
29 Boy Avyan Someone with no imperfections
30 Boy Avyan Not having any imperfection, lord vishnu's name
31 Boy Bharpoor Perfect one, satisfied
32 Boy Bharpur Perfect one, satisfied
33 Boy Chemmal Perfect, also semmal, premier, best
34 Boy Chiliab 'totality, or the perfection of the father'
35 Girl Daksa Talented, perfect
36 Boy Daksanila A perfect breeze, a cold southern breeze
37 Boy Daksari Enemy of the perfect, lord shiva
38 Boy Daksheyu Perfect
39 Girl Dakshita Perfect
40 Boy Dakshya Perfect
41 Girl Diana Luminous, perfect
42 Boy Ehsan Perfection, excellence
43 Boy Gemariah Accomplishment or perfection of the lord
44 Boy Gowshik The perfect, freedom, happiness life of journey
45 Boy Gowshik The perfect, freedom, happiness life of journey
46 Boy Hansraj Perfect or pure ruler
47 Boy Hao Good, perfect
48 Girl Haranoop The perfect god
49 Girl Haranoop The perfect god
50 Girl Jecoliah Perfection, or power, of the lord.
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