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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Old'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Aanik Soldier
2 Girl Aarchie True and bold.
3 Girl Aatiqah Shoulder (support) old
4 Boy Abaan Old arabic name
5 Boy Abaan Old arabic name
6 Boy Abaan Old arabic name
7 Boy Aban Old arabic name, dual of abu, 8th month of the ira
8 Boy Abrad Mail, coldest, cool
9 Boy Abrik Precious like gold
10 Boy Acacio The lord holds adam, the first man
11 Girl Achazia The lord holds
12 Girl Ada Noble, kind, nobility, the oldest daughter, happy,
13 Boy Adhirukma Wearing gold
14 Boy Adwaid Means the old puran...like ramayana, bhagwad gita
15 Girl Agnibha Shining like fire or gold
16 Girl Agnimani Gold
17 Girl Agnishekhar Gold
18 Boy Ahima Not cold, hot, cloud, water, traveller
19 Girl Ajaata Old caves
20 Boy Ajar The god, one who is not old
21 Girl Akshaya Special star, indestructible, gold, rich
22 Boy Akupya Not base, gold, silver
23 Boy Alamar Gilded, covered with gold
24 Boy Alankar Gold, ornament
25 Girl Alda Rich, old, wise, noble
26 Boy Alden Old, wise protector
27 Boy Aldford Old river-ford
28 Boy Aldin Old friend
29 Boy Aldine Old friend
30 Boy Aldis From the old house
31 Boy Aldis From the old house
32 Boy Aldis From the old house, old, tired, battle season, nob
33 Boy Aldon Old friend
34 Boy Aldous Old
35 Boy Aldred Old counsel
36 Boy Aldred Old, wise counselor
37 Boy Aldrich Old wise leader
38 Boy Aldrich Old wise leader
39 Boy Aldrine Old and wise ruler
40 Boy Aldus Old
41 Boy Aldwen Old friend
42 Boy Aldwin Old friend
43 Boy Aldwin Old friend
44 Boy Alford Old river-ford
45 Girl Aliveni Golden doll
46 Boy Alston From the old manor
47 Boy Alston From the old manor
48 Boy Alton From the old town
49 Girl Ambar Sky, gold-brown semiprecious stone, ambergris
50 Boy Amr Order, command, old arabic name, the generous one
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