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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Natural'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Akira A natural, graceful strength, bright, clear, dawn,
2 Boy Alfred Supernaturally wise
3 Boy Alfred Supernaturally wise
4 Boy Arunkumar Sun light, natural, the son of god sun i.e shani (
5 Girl Dimple A small, natural hollow on the surface of the body
6 Boy Harbel Natural
7 Boy Kavin Eauty, handsome/ beautiful, natural beauty
8 Girl Mamjuvaani Supernatural power
9 Boy Man Mind, human, god is with us, supernatural power, e
10 Boy Man Mind, human, god is with us, supernatural power
11 Girl Mana Supernatural power
12 Girl Mana Supernatural power, love, alike, similar, name of
13 Girl Pokshitha Natural beauty
14 Girl Ramya Beautiful, natural, beauty never seen
15 Boy Sagaj Natural
16 Boy Sahaj Natural, original
17 Girl Sahaja Spontaneous, natural, simple, or easy
18 Girl Sahaja Natural, original, innate, normal
19 Boy Sahaja Natural, original, innate, loop
20 Girl Sahej Natural, original, innate
21 Boy Sahejpreet Beloved of natural
22 Girl Sahira Mountain, natural
23 Girl Sahja Natural
24 Girl Sai Flower, natural, everywhere, the loved one, strong
25 Boy Saihajgiaan Divine knowledge attained naturally
26 Boy Saihajpreet Naturally loving person
27 Boy Sehaj Natural, original, innate
28 Boy Sehajbir Naturally brave
29 Girl Sehajleen Naturally tender
30 Girl Sha Natural, good, form of shakshi
31 Girl Shima Natural boundary
32 Girl Sulabha Easy, natural
33 Girl Suma Flower, natural, everywhere, god, born during the
34 Boy Sweekanth Naturally bright, shiva
35 Girl Vyashalani Natural beauty
36 Girl Yaubanasri Natural beauty
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