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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Moon'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aadhira Lord chandra or moon
2 Girl Aadhira Restless, moon
3 Boy Aadhira Moon
4 Girl Aayushi Full moon, one with long life
5 Boy Abalendu Not the nascent moon, the full moon
6 Girl Abhibhava Face like moon
7 Boy Abhicandra Having a moon like face
8 Girl Abhicandra With a moon like face
9 Boy Abhichandra Having a moon like face
10 Girl Abhramani Sun or moon
11 Boy Aghama The moon
12 Boy Agharna The moon
13 Girl Agharna The moon
14 Boy Agharna The moon
15 Girl Akalka Free from impurity, moonlight, pure
16 Boy Akrsna Not black, spotless, white, pure, moon
17 Girl Amalendu Full moon
18 Boy Amalendu Pure like the moon, the unblemished moon
19 Boy Amalendu Sun, the unblemished moon
20 Boy Amaris Child of the moon
21 Girl Amaris God has promised, child of the moon, pledged by go
22 Girl Ambika Goddess of the moon
23 Boy Ambili Moon
24 Girl Ambili Moon
25 Girl Ambily Moon
26 Boy Amritakar The moon
27 Girl Amritambu Moon
28 Boy Amritambu Moon
29 Girl Amritambu Moon
30 Boy Amritanshu Moon
31 Boy Amritasu Distilling nectar, moon
32 Girl Amritrashmi Moon light
33 Boy Amrta That which emits nectar, another name for the moon
34 Boy Amruthamshu The moon
35 Boy Amruthanshyu Moon like
36 Girl Amrutkiran Moon light
37 Boy Anbumathi Anbu-love and mathi-moon
38 Boy Aniq Elegant, blessed, moon
39 Girl Anjori A shining light, moonlight
40 Boy Ansumat Bearer of rays, luminous, the moon
41 Boy Arca Sun, moon
42 Boy Ardhendru Half moon
43 Boy Ardhendu Half moon
44 Boy Ardhendu Half moon
45 Boy Arkendu Sun & moon
46 Girl Arni Moon, sun
47 Boy Arvan One of the moon's horses
48 Girl Avaneet Moon
49 Boy Ayank The moon
50 Girl Ayda In the moon
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