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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Mind'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aaryama Noble-minded, aristocratic, sun
2 Boy Aaryamaan Noble-minded, aristocratic, sun
3 Boy Aayuman Longevity of mind, ever-young mind, persian, abili
4 Boy Adina Noble minded
5 Boy Adolchit One whose mind does not waver
6 Boy Amalatman Pure minded, virtuous
7 Boy Anantamati With an infinite mind, all pervading
8 Girl Anantashirsa With an immortal mind
9 Girl Anusheeta Calm mind
10 Boy Aryaman Noble-minded, aristocratic, sun
11 Boy Aryamann Noble-minded, aristocratic, sun
12 Boy Avyukt One with a clear mind, krishna
13 Boy Avyukt-avyukta One with a clear mind, krishna
14 Boy Avyukth Crystal clear or lord krishna or clear mind
15 Boy Bodhidharma All-pervading enlightened mind, enlightenment teac
16 Boy Brhadiksu Broadminded, with great insight
17 Girl Budhanya Share mind
18 Boy Caitya Pertaning to the mind, the individual soul
19 Boy Cetas Intelligece, soul, heart, mind
20 Boy Chaitnik Aiways peaceful mind
21 Boy Chaitnya Consciousness, wisdom, soul, mind, spirit, founder
22 Boy Chaitya Pertaining to the mind, individual soul, a stupa b
23 Boy Charuchit Person with beautiful mind
24 Girl Charumathi Beautiful mind
25 Girl Chetas Mind
26 Boy Chetas Wisdom, grandeur, soul, heart, mind
27 Girl Chiti The thinking mind
28 Boy Chitran Bright, clear minded
29 Boy Chitranjan Who pleases mind
30 Boy Chitt Mind
31 Boy Chitta Mind
32 Boy Chitta Mind
33 Girl Chitta Mind
34 Boy Chittamohan One who attracts the mind
35 Boy Chittaranjan Joy of inner mind
36 Boy Chittaranjan One who pleases the mind
37 Boy Citta Thought, mind, intellect
38 Boy Citvata Endowed with mind, logical
39 Boy Daeshim Great mind
40 Girl Devamati Godly minded, virtuous
41 Boy Dhircetas One who is strong minded, courageous
42 Boy Dhrtatman Steady mind, calm, firm
43 Boy Ekachit Possessing one's mind, complete concentration, cal
44 Boy Ekachith With one mind
45 Girl Ekagar One minded, absorbed in meditation of one
46 Girl Ekagar One minded, absorbed in meditation of one
47 Boy Eshin Understanding mind, wisdom mind
48 Girl Gamati With a flexible mind
49 Girl Gnapika Intelligent, one who reminds
50 Boy Hanvesh Very soft mind
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