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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Maiden'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aanisah Young lady, maiden
2 Girl Ahilya Maiden
3 Girl Apsara Beauty girl, celestial maiden
4 Girl Apsara Beauty girl, celestial maiden
5 Girl Aramalavika Charming maiden
6 Girl Azra Maiden
7 Girl Banni Maiden
8 Girl Banni Maiden
9 Girl Batool Ascetic virgin, maiden, a true devotee woman of al
10 Girl Cora Greek maiden
11 Girl Cora Maiden
12 Girl Corine A maiden
13 Girl Darika Maiden
14 Girl Darika Maiden
15 Girl Devakanya Celestial maiden
16 Girl Devangana Celestial maiden
17 Girl Devangana Celestial maiden
18 Boy Gokanya A maiden who looks after cows
19 Boy Gunaj Virtuous maiden
20 Boy Gunaja Virtuous maiden
21 Boy Gunaja Virtuous maiden
22 Girl Gunali Virtuous maiden
23 Girl Jinnie Maiden
24 Girl Joshika Young maiden
25 Girl Jothirani Young maiden
26 Girl Kannika Maiden
27 Girl Kanvitha Durga, youngest girl, maiden daughter, the virgin
28 Girl Kanyaka Durga, the youngest, girl, maiden, daughter
29 Girl Kanyaka Girl, maiden, daughter,virgin goddess
30 Girl Kanyana Maiden
31 Girl Kanyaratna Maiden jewel
32 Girl Madhubaala Sweet maiden
33 Girl Maia Kinswoman, maiden
34 Girl Maida Maiden
35 Boy Maiti Strong battle maiden
36 Girl Marina Sea maiden, from the god mars, star of the sea
37 Girl Melvina Handmaiden
38 Girl Naganika Serpent maiden
39 Girl Shribala Divine maiden
40 Girl Talitha Maiden, child
41 Girl Tilottama A celestial maiden
42 Girl Urvashi To rise, celestial maiden, the ganges, star, good
43 Girl Urvashi The most beautiful apsara - maiden, a celestial ma
44 Girl Virabala Brave maiden
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