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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Lower'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aaboli Name of a flower
2 Girl Aadmika A red peony flower
3 Boy Aaqib Follower
4 Boy Aaqib Follower
5 Girl Aaral Flower
6 Girl Aavirai Flower name
7 Girl Ababa Flower, fruit
8 Girl Abdeali Follower of ali
9 Boy Abhipuspa Covered with flowers
10 Girl Ablaa Perfectly formed, a flower
11 Girl Aboil The name of a flower
12 Girl Aboil The name of a flower
13 Girl Aboil The name of a flower
14 Girl Aboli A flower
15 Girl Aboli A flower
16 Boy Admon Red peony flower
17 Boy Ahupathi Follower of prayer, a devotee
18 Girl Aini Spring, flower, source, choice, the eye
19 Girl Aini Spring, flower, source, choice
20 Girl Aishmeen Jasmine flower
21 Girl Aishmin Jasmine flower
22 Girl Aiyana Eternal blossom, forever flowering
23 Girl Akaisha Flower
24 Girl Akaisha Flower
25 Girl Akharnitha Beautiful flower
26 Boy Aksapada Follower of knowledge, learned, wise, enlightened
27 Girl Alagumalar Beautiful flower
28 Girl Allikodi Alli flower vine
29 Girl Amarissa Follower of god
30 Girl Amlan-kushum A fadeless flower
31 Boy Amlankusum Unfading flower
32 Girl Amlankusum Unfading flower
33 Girl Amramanjari Bunch of mango flowers
34 Girl Anamone Type of flower
35 Girl Anemone Type of flower, wind
36 Boy Anganemi Follower of the scriptures
37 Girl Angarika Flame coloured flower, palash or flame of the fore
38 Girl Angarika A flame-coloured flower-palash, flame of the fores
39 Girl Anicham Name of a beautiful flower, also anichamalar
40 Girl Anicham Flower name, name of a beautiful flower
41 Boy Ankira Loser, follower
42 Boy Ankur Flower, bud, blossom
43 Girl Anthea Flower-like
44 Girl Anthea Flower-like
45 Boy Anthony Praiseworthy, priceless, inestimable, flower, flou
46 Girl Anu Follower, minute, an atom
47 Boy Anukalp Piece of flower
48 Girl Anulekha Follower of destiny
49 Boy Anuyatri Follower, companion
50 Boy Anuyayin Follower
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