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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Loving'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aathifa Loving
2 Boy Abdul-wadud Servant of the loving
3 Boy Abhisoka Passionate, loving
4 Girl Adanna Father's loving daughter, one who is the loving da
5 Boy Akalratan Loving gem of god
6 Girl Akane Someone you cannot stop loving, brilliant red
7 Girl Akhilpreet All loving (god)
8 Girl Alakaravati Loving
9 Girl Aleen Loving good looking
10 Girl Ambali Sensitive, compassionate, loving
11 Boy Amory The loving one
12 Girl Anavi Peace loving, kind to people
13 Boy Anugra Not violent, gentle, mild, peace loving
14 Girl Aroob Loving to her husband
15 Girl Aroob (woman) loving to her husband
16 Girl Arub Loving to her husband
17 Boy Arvish Daring, freedom-loving
18 Boy Asanga Devotion, of loving nature
19 Boy Ayudha Does not fight, peace loving
20 Boy Bagira Loving, nurturing
21 Girl Bawri Madness, loving like mad, cant leave without love
22 Boy Bhagatbhandar Treasure of loving devotion
23 Boy Bhagatjog Loving devotion of god
24 Boy Bhagatjot Light of loving devotion
25 Boy Bhagatroop Embodiment of loving devotion
26 Boy Bhagwant One whose heart is full of loving devotion
27 Girl Bhama Prayer, passionate, famous, loving
28 Girl Buji A nick loving name
29 Boy Buji A nick loving name
30 Boy Bukka Heart, loving, sincere
31 Boy Chakarpreet Loving servant
32 Boy Chakarpreet Loving servant
33 Boy Charukesa Responsible, loving, self protective and compassio
34 Girl Dalal Treated or touched in a kind and loving way
35 Boy Dash Loving
36 Boy Dass Loving
37 Boy Devakam Loving the gods, pious
38 Boy Dilan Loving, son of waves, faithful, loyal
39 Boy Dilpreet Heart loving
40 Girl Estaa Beloved, loving
41 Boy Etaka To be loving to others
42 Boy Haamid Praising (god), loving (god)
43 Boy Harichana Loving
44 Girl Harjinder Loving from heart
45 Girl Harpreetkour Loving each
46 Girl Harpreetkour Loving each
47 Boy Hemil Smart, handsome, cute, loving kid, gold
48 Boy Hesh Loving
49 Boy Hetanshu Loving person
50 Girl Hetashvi Loving
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