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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Lion'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Abbas Description of a lion
2 Boy Abbas Description of a lion, looking austere, lion, ster
3 Boy Abhavasimha Fearless lion
4 Boy Abhayasimha As fearless as lion
5 Boy Abhayasinha Fearless lion
6 Boy Abhaysimha As fearless as a lion
7 Boy Aera Lion
8 Boy Agnisinha Fiery lion
9 Boy Alabbas Description of a lion
10 Boy Anilchowdary Lion of the entair chowdarys
11 Boy Areli Lion of god
12 Boy Ari Lion
13 Boy Ari Lion, brave, inner skin, eagle, lord vishnu
14 Boy Ariel Lion of god
15 Girl Ariel Altar, light or lion of god.
16 Girl Ariella Lion of god
17 Girl Arielle Of the water lioness of god
18 Boy Arima Lion
19 Boy Arimathea A lion dead to the lord
20 Boy Arsalaan Lion
21 Boy Arsalan Lion
22 Boy Arsalan Lion, king of jungle, brave man
23 Boy Arslan Lion
24 Boy Arye Lion of god
25 Boy Asad Fortunate, lion
26 Boy Asad Virtuous, pious, happier, luckier, lion, fortunate
27 Boy Aslan Lion
28 Boy Atul Lion, matchless, incomparable
29 Boy Babar Lion, king of jungle
30 Boy Balasingam Young lion
31 Boy Balasingam Young lion
32 Boy Balasingham Young lion
33 Girl Banshika Lion
34 Boy Bansika The king of the forest, the lion
35 Girl Chephirah A little lioness
36 Boy Devandhra Lion
37 Boy Devasinha God-lion, lord shiva
38 Girl Dilpreet Lion
39 Girl Dilreet Lion
40 Girl Dilsher Lion heart
41 Girl Dilsher Lion heart
42 Boy Firnas Powerful, brave, thick necked lion
43 Girl Gajari Lion
44 Girl Galatea Statue of a beautiful woman carved by pygmalion
45 Girl Ghassedak A flower (dandelion)
46 Boy Gowshihan Lion, sour leaves
47 Boy Gur God, young lion
48 Boy Gur Baby lion
49 Boy Hafs Young lion, collecting, gathering
50 Girl Hafsa Cub. young lioness.
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