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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Lightning'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aashini Lightning
2 Girl Aashini Lightning
3 Girl Aashni Lightning
4 Girl Aashni Lightning
5 Girl Adheera Lightning
6 Girl Adhira Lightning
7 Girl Adhira Lightning
8 Girl Adhira Lightning
9 Boy Adoni-bezek The lightning of the lord, the lord of lightning
10 Boy Adraksh Lightning
11 Girl Aina Lightning, beautiful eyed woman, the only one, pur
12 Boy Aksaja Flash of lightning
13 Girl Anubha Lightning
14 Girl Anubha Like a star, lightning
15 Girl Arka Flash of lightning, ray
16 Girl Arka Flash of lightning, ray
17 Girl Ashini Lightning
18 Girl Ashini Lightning
19 Boy Ashnav Lightning
20 Girl Ashnee Lightning
21 Girl Ashni Lightning
22 Boy Ashni Lightning
23 Boy Bansuri Flute, lord krishna, flash of lightning
24 Boy Beneberak Sons of lightning
25 Boy Bezek Lightning, in the chains
26 Boy Bidyut Lightning
27 Boy Bijal Lightning
28 Girl Bijli Lightning, bright
29 Girl Bijul Lightning flash
30 Girl Bijul Flashes of lightning
31 Girl Bijul Flashes of lightning
32 Boy Capala Swift, lightning
33 Girl Capala Swift, lightning
34 Boy Chapal Quick, swift, lightning, clever, restless
35 Boy Chapala Swift, lightning
36 Girl Chiragi Lightning
37 Girl Daaminee Lightning
38 Girl Damini Lightning
39 Girl Damini Lightning
40 Girl Damini Lightning
41 Girl Danabhakiyam Lightning
42 Boy Denkatsu Activity like lightning
43 Boy Meghdeep Lightning
44 Girl Minnal Lightning, brilliance, also minnoli
45 Girl Minnoli Brilliant like lightning
46 Girl Pavi Lightning, write
47 Boy Pratheep Lightning
48 Girl Raadha Success, lightning
49 Boy Roshan Shining, lightning, happy and cool, illumination,
50 Boy Sannibh Rays of light, lightning
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