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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Learned'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Aalekh Learned, shiva
2 Girl Adhiti Learned man, scholar
3 Girl Agasthi A learned lady
4 Boy Aksapada Follower of knowledge, learned, wise, enlightened
5 Boy Alim Learned, scholarly, omniscient, wise man
6 Boy Alim Wise or learned
7 Boy Alpheus A thousand, learned, chief
8 Boy Ambalan Learned
9 Boy Ambalan Learned
10 Girl Ansuya Learned woman, sage atri's wife
11 Girl Apala Name of a learned woman of the past
12 Boy Bahusruta Extremely learned, much heard
13 Girl Bidushi Alearned woman
14 Girl Bindumathi Learned
15 Boy Bodh Learned
16 Boy Bodhpreet Love for the learned one
17 Boy Budhil Learned
18 Boy Budhila Wise, learned, academic
19 Boy Eklavya Student who learned bow by watching
20 Boy Eklavya Bowman, student who learned bow by watching
21 Girl Fadilah Distinguished, learned
22 Boy Fahim Wise, learned, prudent, sagacious, from kikuyu, in
23 Girl Fahima Intelligent, learned, understands
24 Girl Farzeen Learned
25 Boy Farzin Learned
26 Girl Fudayl Scholar, learned
27 Girl Gargi Name of a learned woman
28 Boy Gnanachelvan Learned
29 Boy Gnanachelvan Learned
30 Boy Gnanamani Gem of learned
31 Girl Gnanamani Intelligent gem, learned
32 Boy Gnanamuthu Learned
33 Boy Gnanamuthu Learned, prudence pearl
34 Boy Gnanan Learned person
35 Boy Gnanan Learned person
36 Boy Gnanapandiyan Learned
37 Boy Gnanasooriyan Learned
38 Boy Gnanathangam Learned
39 Boy Gnanavendan Learned
40 Boy Gnanavendan Learned king
41 Boy Gnanavendan Learned king
42 Boy Gnanenthran Learned
43 Boy Gnani Learned
44 Boy Hanokh Learned
45 Boy Kalvidasan Learned
46 Boy Kalvidasan Learned
47 Boy Kalvimani Learned
48 Girl Kalvimani Learned
49 Boy Katran Well learned
50 Boy Katran Well learned
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