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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Kind'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aalesha Noble kind, of the noble sort
2 Girl Aalisha Noble kind, of the noble sort
3 Girl Aanavi Kind to human beings, benevolent
4 Girl Aanvi Kind
5 Girl Aarihi Of noble kind
6 Boy Aaryan Of utmost strength, kind hearted, good to others,
7 Boy Aatif The kind one
8 Boy Aatif Kind affectionate
9 Girl Aatikah Kind affectionate
10 Boy Abdul-latif Servant of the kind one
11 Boy Abdur-rauf Servant of the most kind (allah), slave of the com
12 Girl Abishni Very cute, kindly heart, love of family
13 Girl Abra Lesson, a kind of boat, example, father of a multi
14 Girl Ada Noble, kind, nobility, the oldest daughter, happy,
15 Girl Addie Noble kind, of the noble sort
16 Girl Adela Nobility, noble kind, softer, small winged one
17 Girl Adelle Noble, form of adelaide, noble and of kind spirit
18 Boy Adie Noble, kind, adornment, jewel
19 Boy Adipa Kindled, illuminating
20 Boy Ady Noble kind
21 Boy Afzal Most excellent, grace, kindness, favour
22 Girl Agata Kind, pure
23 Girl Agila Globe, world, humankind
24 Girl Agilaa Globe, world, humankind
25 Girl Ahobalaraav Kindness
26 Boy Akroor Kind
27 Boy Akroor Kind, gentle, a yadava chief, krishna's friend
28 Boy Alaistair Defender of mankind
29 Boy Alaister Defender of mankind
30 Boy Alastair Defender of mankind
31 Boy Alasteir Defender of mankind
32 Boy Alec Defender of mankind
33 Boy Aleck Defender of mankind
34 Boy Aleister Defender of mankind
35 Boy Alek Form of alexander, helper and defender of mankind,
36 Boy Alester Defender of mankind
37 Boy Alex Form of alexander, helper and defender of mankind
38 Boy Alexandar Defender of mankind
39 Boy Alexander Helper and defender of mankind, protector of manki
40 Girl Alexandra Helper of mankind
41 Girl Alexandra Helper of mankind
42 Boy Alic Defender of mankind
43 Girl Alice Noble or kind
44 Boy Alick Defender of mankind
45 Boy Alik Defender of mankind
46 Boy Alisander Defender of mankind
47 Boy Alish Noble kind, of the noble so
48 Boy Alissander Defender of mankind
49 Boy Alistair Defender of mankind
50 Boy Alister Defender of mankind
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