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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Indestructible'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Abinash Indestructible
2 Boy Achyut;achyuta Imperishable, indestructible, a name of vishnu
3 Boy Achyut;achyuta Imperishable, indestructible, a name of vishnu
4 Boy Achyuta Indestructible
5 Boy Achyuta Indestructible
6 Boy Achyuth Lord vishnu, imperishable,indestructible
7 Boy Achyuth Lord vishnu, imperishable, indestructible
8 Boy Achyuthan Indestructible
9 Boy Ahanti Indestructible
10 Boy Akhanda Indestructible
11 Boy Akhilesh Grateful, lord of the universe, indestructible, im
12 Boy Akhilesha Indestructible or immortal or lord of universe,
13 Boy Akshath Indestructible,
14 Boy Akshath Indestructible
15 Boy Akshath Indestructible
16 Girl Akshatha Indestructible,
17 Boy Akshay Immortal, everlasting, indestructible
18 Boy Akshay Indestructible, unlimited
19 Boy Akshaya Indestructible
20 Girl Akshaya Special star, indestructible, gold, rich
21 Boy Akshaya Indestructible
22 Girl Akshaya Indestructible
23 Boy Akshaya Indestructible
24 Girl Akshayadhatri Indestructible
25 Girl Akshayaa Indestructible
26 Girl Akshayasri Indestructible
27 Boy Anasa Indestructible, undivided
28 Boy Anasin Indestructible, imperishable
29 Boy Anasu Indestructible, imperishable
30 Boy Aviansh Indestructible
31 Boy Avinasa Indestructible
32 Boy Avinash Very happy, indestructible
33 Girl Avinashi Indestructible
34 Boy Avinashi Indestructible
35 Boy Avinashi Indestructible
36 Girl Avinashika Indestructible
37 Girl Avinashini Indestructible
38 Boy Avinashpal Indestructible protector
39 Boy Avinasi Indestructible
40 Girl Avinasini Indestructible
41 Boy Banzan Indestructible mountain
42 Boy Kanil Power, indestructible vishnu like
43 Boy Kanil Power, indestructible vishnu like
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