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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Happiness'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Aalhad Joy, happiness
2 Boy Aanand Joy, intelligent, happiness, delightful, blissful,
3 Boy Aananda Happiness
4 Girl Aanandita One who brings and spread happiness
5 Boy Aarjav One who's steadfast in happiness and sorrow
6 Girl Abhinandana Happiness, good wishes
7 Boy Abhyuday Sunrise, prosperous, happiness
8 Boy Abhyudaya Sunrise, prosperous, happiness
9 Boy Afraa Happiness
10 Girl Afrah Happiness
11 Girl Afrah Happiness, cheerfulness, teaching, doctrine
12 Girl Afrah Happiness
13 Girl Afrin Happiness, praise, lucky
14 Girl Aganagai A semiprecious stone, inner happiness
15 Girl Aganagai Inner happiness
16 Boy Alhad Joy, happiness
17 Girl Alisah Noble, exalted, great happiness
18 Girl Aliza Joyous, happiness, faithful, pious, honest
19 Girl Ammu Happiness
20 Girl Ammu Sweet, happiness
21 Girl Amoda Happiness
22 Girl Amodita Happiness
23 Girl Amodita Happiness
24 Girl Amogaa Happiness
25 Boy Anand Joy, happiness, bliss, one who is blissful, deligh
26 Boy Anand Happiness
27 Boy Ananda Joy, happiness
28 Boy Ananda-anand Joy, happiness
29 Boy Ananda;anand Joy, happiness
30 Boy Anandagiri Mountain of happiness
31 Girl Anandalahari Wave of happiness
32 Boy Anandan Happy boy, one who brings happiness
33 Boy Anandan Happy boy, one who brings happiness, see anandam
34 Girl Anandaparna One who spread happiness and joy
35 Girl Anandie One who brings happiness
36 Girl Anandmayee Full of happiness
37 Boy Anandmoorti Happiness personified
38 Boy Anandvardhan One who increases happiness, lord ram
39 Girl Anandya Happiness
40 Girl Aneeksha Bringing happiness
41 Boy Anindo Happiness
42 Girl Arshika Who gives happiness
43 Girl Asher Happiness
44 Girl Ashra Happiness
45 Boy Asnapper Unhappiness, increase of danger.
46 Girl Atreyi Name of a river, container of happiness and wealth
47 Girl Babuli Joy, happiness
48 Boy Bahaj Jubilation, happiness, joy, rejoicing
49 Boy Bhagana Next, of the nature of happiness, happy, joyful
50 Girl Bhagananda Bestower of happiness
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