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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Great'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Abdul-adheem Servant of the most great
2 Boy Abdul-jaleel Servant of the great, revered
3 Boy Abhirath Great charioteer
4 Boy Abhirath Great charioteer
5 Girl Abhirath Great charioteer
6 Boy Abhirath Great charioteer
7 Girl Abia Great
8 Girl Abia Great
9 Boy Abiram My father is great
10 Boy Adambara A great noise, the roaring of an elephant
11 Girl Adhik Greater
12 Boy Adhik Greater
13 Boy Adhik Greater, more than one
14 Girl Adhika More, greater
15 Boy Adhikaansh Part of greater
16 Boy Adhikaraj Greater, more, lots
17 Girl Adhiksha Greater
18 Boy Adhirath A great chariot warrior
19 Girl Adwiti Great
20 Girl Agrasen Great warrior of an arma
21 Boy Agrippa One who causes great pain at his birth
22 Boy Aharsh A great saint
23 Boy Aharshi A great saint
24 Boy Ailiyah A great one and it come signify god
25 Girl Ailiyah A great one and it come signify god
26 Girl Aishita Greatness
27 Girl Akarsh All prevading, as great as sky
28 Boy Akas All prevading, as great as sky
29 Boy Akas High like sky, all pervading, as great as sky
30 Boy Akbar Powerful, greatest, bigger
31 Boy Akbar Powerful, great
32 Boy Akshana Great ritual
33 Boy Alekhya Nice, inteligent, great warior, which cannot be wr
34 Boy Alibaba Great leader
35 Girl Alisah Noble, exalted, great happiness
36 Girl Alli Greatest. a variant of allah - the supreme being i
37 Girl Allisandra Of great nature
38 Girl Allysa Joy, great hapiness
39 Boy Amer Rich, one who builds, great tree
40 Boy Amid Support, leader, chief, a great man, amin
41 Boy Amit Unlimited, great, infinite
42 Girl Amita Unlimited, great, infinite
43 Boy Amjad Great, noble, more gratifying, most excellent, mor
44 Boy Amoghraj Great, the name of a hindu god in india
45 Boy Anantbir Brave man, great fighter
46 Girl Angelica Daughter of a great father, angel sent, scent, sen
47 Boy Apar Infinite, great, best
48 Boy Arasumani Bello of justice, held by the great king manuneeth
49 Boy Arioch Long, great, tall
50 Girl Arisha One who is building something great
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