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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Gracious'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aanika Gracious, merciful
2 Girl Aanya Gracious
3 Boy Aavya Brilliance & gracious gift of god.
4 Girl Aliana Noble & gracious
5 Boy Aliazan Noble & gracious
6 Boy Altaf Kindness, graces, more gracious, more delicate
7 Girl Ana Grace, form of anna, gracious, god's favour, resur
8 Boy Anakin Gracious merciful
9 Girl Anica Grace, a familiar form of anna, god is gracious, g
10 Girl Anika Goddess durga, grace, favour, god is gracious, god
11 Girl Anika Goddess durga, grace, favour, god is gracious, god
12 Girl Anitra Gracious, grace, offering with both ends
13 Girl Ann Gracious
14 Girl Ann Gracious
15 Girl Anna Gracious, bible ref.:  luke 2:36., prophetess, ann
16 Girl Anna Food, grace, gracious, full of grace, favour, god
17 Girl Anne Grace, favour, god is gracious, god has shown favo
18 Girl Anni God is gracious, variant of hebrew hannah, favor,
19 Girl Annie Grace, favoured, god is gracious, god has shown fa
20 Girl Annika Grace, sweet faced, different, god is gracious, go
21 Girl Anvita Gracious life
22 Girl Anvitha Gracious life
23 Girl Anvithaa Gracious life
24 Girl Anya Inexhaustible, gracious, graceful, resurrection, f
25 Girl Anya Gracious
26 Girl Arulmaari Gracious goddess maari, rain of grace
27 Girl Chana Gracious
28 Girl Chavonne God is gracious
29 Girl Chevonne God is gracious
30 Boy Deshaun God is gracious
31 Boy Deshawn God is gracious
32 Boy Ean God is gracious
33 Boy Eian God is gracious
34 Boy Eion God is gracious
35 Boy Elisha God is gracious
36 Boy Eucario Gracious
37 Boy Evan God is gracious
38 Girl Evanle From evan var john god is gracious and lee meadow
39 Boy Fadl Outstanding, honourable, gracious, reward, favour
40 Boy Geno God is gracious
41 Girl Gia Life, god is gracious, god gifted
42 Boy Gia God is gracious
43 Boy Gian God is gracious (john)
44 Girl Giana God is gracious
45 Boy Giani God is gracious
46 Boy Gianni The lord is gracious, knowledgeable, god is gracio
47 Boy Giovani God is gracious (john)
48 Boy Giovanni God is gracious (john)
49 Girl Giovianna Fem. of john god is gracious var. giovanna
50 Boy Gohan God is gracious
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