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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Graceful'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aanya Different, goddess durga, graceful
2 Girl Ahiri Elegance/graceful
3 Girl Akira A natural, graceful strength, bright, clear, dawn,
4 Girl Anahita Graceful
5 Girl Anahita Graceful
6 Girl Anahitha Graceful
7 Girl Anais Graceful
8 Girl Anayta Exclusive, graceful
9 Girl Ancika Beautiful, graceful
10 Girl Ankareeda Night star, graceful, shining
11 Boy Ansin Son of the graceful one, has a share in the proper
12 Girl Anya Inexhaustible, gracious, graceful, resurrection, f
13 Boy Arshaq Handsome, elegant, graceful, well proportioned
14 Girl Arwa Gracefulness and beauty, satisfied, pleasant, and
15 Girl Asenka Graceful
16 Boy Cheru Graceful
17 Boy Chezian Graceful
18 Girl Dilnaaz Gentle, graceful
19 Girl Gajalakshmi Lakshmi as graceful as an elephant
20 Girl Gajalakshmi Lakshmi who is as graceful as an elephant
21 Girl Gajlakshmee Lakshmi who is as graceful as an elephant
22 Girl Gomya Nice and graceful
23 Boy Grace Graceful
24 Boy Graceann Graceful (grace) gracious (ann)
25 Boy Gracia Graceful
26 Boy Gratiana Graceful
27 Girl Gratina Graceful
28 Boy Grayce Graceful
29 Girl Grecy Loves god, graceful, goodwill
30 Girl Greshy Loves god, graceful
31 Girl Hana Happiness, flower, blossom, graceful, merciful, gr
32 Girl Hanika Swan, graceful like swan, beautiful
33 Girl Hannah Graceful
34 Girl Hansagamini As graceful as swan
35 Boy Harnaaz God's glory, pride, elegance, gracefulness, fresh.
36 Girl Igraine Graceful
37 Girl Jameela Beautiful, pretty, elegant, graceful, comely
38 Girl Jamila Beautiful, elegant, elegant graceful, comely
39 Girl Jamilah Beautiful, graceful, elegant
40 Girl Jamilah-jameela Beautiful, graceful, lovely
41 Girl Kali Graceful, beautiful, artistic, the dark one, a bud
42 Girl Kara Graceful, beautiful, pure, friend, darling, dear o
43 Girl Keely Graceful
44 Girl Laasya Graceful, dance performed by goddess parvathi
45 Girl Labani Gracefullness
46 Girl Laboni Graceful
47 Girl Laboni Graceful
48 Girl Laboni Graceful
49 Girl Labonita Graceful, beautiful one
50 Girl Lalika A slender, graceful woman
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