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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Goddess'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aadaya Goddess durga
2 Girl Aaddaya Goddess durga
3 Girl Aadhyaa Goddess durga
4 Girl Aadhyaa Goddess durga
5 Boy Aadhyan First power or goddess durga
6 Girl Aadilakshmi Goddess laxmi
7 Girl Aaditri Goddess laxmi
8 Girl Aadrika Goddess, mountain
9 Girl Aadya Goddess durga
10 Girl Aadyaa Goddess durga
11 Girl Aadyaasha Goddess durga
12 Girl Aaghnya Born from fire, goddess lakshmi
13 Girl Aahana First rays of the sun, goddess durga
14 Girl Aamrapaali Name of hindu goddess
15 Girl Aanya Different, goddess durga, graceful
16 Girl Aanyaa Goddess durga
17 Girl Aanyap Goddess durga
18 Girl Aaradhya Worship, worship goddess, like a god
19 Girl Aaranie Goddess amman
20 Boy Aarna Goddess laxmi
21 Girl Aarna Goddess laxmi
22 Girl Aarna Goddess lakshmi
23 Girl Aarya Princess, goddess parvati / durga
24 Girl Aarya;arya Goddess parvati, goddess durga
25 Girl Aarya;arya Goddess parvati, goddess durga
26 Girl Aashrita Goddess laxmi
27 Girl Aashrita Goddess laxmi
28 Girl Aashvi Goddess saraswati
29 Girl Aashwika Goddess santoshi maa
30 Girl Aasika Goddess laxmi
31 Girl Aasrita Goddess name
32 Girl Aavishi Goddess lakshmi
33 Girl Abdhija Born in sea, goddess lakshmi
34 Girl Abharika The name of a goddess
35 Girl Abheesha Goddess of will
36 Girl Abhidnya Goddesses
37 Girl Abhirami Goddess gouri, goddess parvati
38 Girl Abhirami Goddess lakshmi
39 Girl Abhisaarikaa Fearless, goddess parvati
40 Girl Abhitha Fearless, goddess parvati
41 Girl Abhitha Fearless (goddess parvati)
42 Girl Abilasha Wish, desire, goddess lakshmi
43 Girl Abirami Friendly, goddess laxmi
44 Girl Abirami Goddess name, goddess lakshmi
45 Girl Additi Goddess of the sky and fertility
46 Girl Adhishakti Glorious, goddess parvathi
47 Boy Adhith Goddess of the sky and fertility.
48 Girl Adhithi Goddess of the sky and fertility.
49 Girl Adhithri Goddess lakshmi
50 Girl Adhya Goddess durga
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