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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Glorious'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Abdul-majid Servant of the glorious one
2 Boy Abha Shining, luster, glorious, beauty
3 Girl Adhishakti Glorious, goddess parvathi
4 Girl Adishakti Glorious, goddess parvathi
5 Boy Agnistuta Devotee of fire, glorious, illuminating
6 Boy Agnivesa Fire clad, one who is as glorious as fire
7 Boy Amitaruci Very glorious
8 Boy Amzad More glorious
9 Boy Anjami Not black, nightless, glorious, bright
10 Girl Anjami Glorious, bright,
11 Girl Anshumati Wise, glorious, splendid
12 Girl Ansumati Wise, glorious, splendid
13 Girl Anusri Glorious, famous
14 Boy Apan Sun, glorious, brilliant
15 Boy Arcat Shining, praising, brilliant, glorious
16 Boy Archishmanthudu Gloriousperson
17 Boy Baibhav Richness or prosperity or glorious or powerful or
18 Boy Baltej One with glorious might
19 Girl Baltej One with glorious might
20 Boy Baltej One with glorious might
21 Girl Berdina Glorious
22 Girl Berthaberta Bright or glorious
23 Girl Bertha;berta Bright or glorious
24 Girl Bertha;berta Bright or glorious
25 Boy Bhaaswar Glorious, luminous
26 Boy Bhagirat With glorious chariot
27 Boy Bhagiratha Owns a glorious chariot
28 Girl Bhamini Woman, beautiful, glorious
29 Boy Bhanaviya Belonging to sun, sacred, glorious
30 Boy Bharupa With a glorious form, shining, brilliant
31 Boy Bhasvara Luminous, glorious
32 Boy Bhaswar Glorious, luminous
33 Boy Bhaswar;bhaaswar Glorious, luminous
34 Boy Bhrajata Gleaming, glorious
35 Girl Bimbi Glorious
36 Girl Chandalini Glorious
37 Girl Chitrajyoti Wonderfully glorious
38 Girl Dajshi Glorious
39 Girl Dakshi The glorious
40 Boy Dakshi The glorious
41 Boy Dakshi The glorious
42 Girl Dyumna Glorious
43 Boy Dyumna Glorious
44 Girl Eashana Glorious
45 Boy Garvit Glorious
46 Boy Genno Respond to the mystery, esoteric dharma, glorious
47 Girl Gloria Glorious
48 Girl Gloriosa Latin glorious
49 Boy Gnanasooriyan Glorious knowledge
50 Boy Gnanasooriyan Glorious knowledge
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