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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Friend'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aanishka Has friends and no enemies
2 Girl Aapt Friend, faithful, trustworthy
3 Girl Aathmeya Very friendly
4 Girl Abhinithi That which is already been performed, friendship
5 Girl Abhiniti Gesture, friendship
6 Girl Abirami Friendly, goddess laxmi
7 Boy Achetmeet Carefree friend
8 Boy Agnimistra Friend of fire
9 Boy Agnimitra Friend of fire
10 Girl Agnimitra Agni's friend, friend of fire
11 Boy Agnimitra Friend of fire
12 Boy Agnitra Agni's friend the wind
13 Boy Ajaimeet Invincible friend
14 Boy Akalmeet Friend of god
15 Boy Akhilbandhu Friend of everyone
16 Boy Akroor Kind, gentle, a yadava chief, krishna's friend
17 Boy Aldin Old friend
18 Boy Aldine Old friend
19 Boy Aldon Old friend
20 Boy Aldwen Old friend
21 Boy Aldwin Old friend
22 Boy Aldwin Old friend
23 Boy Allwyn Friend
24 Girl Alveena Magical being, friend
25 Boy Alven Elf friend
26 Boy Alvie Elf friend
27 Boy Alvin Noble friend
28 Boy Alvin Noble friend, a city on a white hill
29 Boy Alvin Noble friend or elf friend.
30 Boy Alvin Noble friend
31 Girl Alvina Friend to all, noblefriend
32 Boy Alvy Elf friend
33 Boy Alvyn Elf friend
34 Boy Alwin Elf friend
35 Boy Alwin Wise friend
36 Boy Alwyn Elf friend
37 Boy Amana Friendly disposition, kindness, affection
38 Girl Ameeta Endless, truth, friendship
39 Girl Ami My people, dearly loved, beauty, friend, loved, ne
40 Girl Amika Loved friend
41 Girl Amika Loved friend
42 Boy Amisa Companion, friend, an object of enjoyment, a pleas
43 Girl Amissa Friend
44 Girl Amit Friend, upright, infinite, that which cannot be er
45 Boy Amit Infinite, friend
46 Boy Amita Friend, truth, boundless
47 Girl Amy Dearly loved, industrious, truth, friendship, to l
48 Boy Anandmeet Blissful friend
49 Boy Anantmeet Infinite friend
50 Boy Anas A group of people, affection, love, friendliness,
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