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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Famous'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Aakhyaan Legend, story of famous person
2 Girl Aarabhi Musical, raaga, famous note
3 Girl Abhinabhas Renowned, famous
4 Boy Abhinabhas Famous
5 Girl Ahilyaa A famous historical name, wife of a rishi
6 Girl Ajanta A famous buddist cave
7 Girl Ajanta A famous buddist cave
8 Girl Ajanta Eternal fame, a famous buddist cave
9 Girl Ajantha Creative, a famous buddist cave
10 Boy Ajkhyat Famous
11 Boy Ajkhyat Famous
12 Boy Akhyath Famous
13 Boy Akyath Famous
14 Boy Amodin Fragrant, famous
15 Girl Amrapali Famous courtesan who became a devotee of buddha
16 Girl Amrapali Famous courtesan who became a devotee of buddha
17 Girl Amrapali Disciple of buddha, a famous courtesan who became
18 Boy Andy Brave, manly. famous bearer: prince andrew
19 Girl Anusri Glorious, famous
20 Boy Arjunan Son of kunthi in mahabharatha, famous for the art
21 Boy Armaan Wish, longing, soldier, famous bearer, desire
22 Girl Avvai Name of a famous ancient tamil poetess
23 Girl Avvai Name of a famous ancient thamil poetess
24 Boy Azhar Famous, luminous, brilliant, the most shining, shi
25 Girl Bhaanumati Full of lustre, famous
26 Girl Bhama Prayer, passionate, famous, loving
27 Girl Bhanumati;bhaanumati Full of lustre, famous
28 Boy Bheesham Famous warrior
29 Boy Bikhyat Renowned, famous
30 Boy Bob Famous
31 Boy Bobbi Famous
32 Boy Bobby Famous
33 Boy Bobby Bright, famous
34 Girl Bobby Strange, bright famous one
35 Boy Cancu Renowned, famous
36 Girl Cecelia Blind. famous bearer: the blind st. cecilie, patro
37 Boy Chaitanya Famous sage
38 Boy Chandrakirthi As famous as the moon
39 Boy Claire Bright, famous
40 Girl Clarissa Famous
41 Boy Cuthbert Famous and brilliant
42 Boy Devadas;devdas Follower of god, a famous bengali novel
43 Boy Devadath Famous person in ancient hindu mythology
44 Boy Dob Famous
45 Boy Dodge Famous spear
46 Boy Elmer Noble and famous
47 Girl Eloise Famous in battle
48 Boy Engelbert Bright famous
49 Boy Filbert Very bright/famous
50 Boy Filmore Famous
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