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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Expert'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Abhigya Wise one, expert, adept
2 Girl Abhigya Wise one, expert, adept
3 Girl Abhigyaa Wise one, expert, adept
4 Boy Abhijun Expert, skilled
5 Boy Daksh Expert, talented, fit, fire, gold, son of lord bra
6 Girl Dikshita Expert, the initiated
7 Boy Dino An expert with the spear
8 Girl Dixita Expert, splendor, name of parvati
9 Boy Fakih Legal expert, one who recites the qu'ran
10 Boy Kovid Expert
11 Girl Kushal Expert
12 Girl Kushala By the safe, happy, expert, well being
13 Girl Kushala Safe, happy, expert
14 Boy Kushala Safe, happy, expert, well being
15 Boy Mahir Expert, industrious, skilled
16 Girl Mahira Expert
17 Girl Mahira Superemely talented, gifted, expert, lively
18 Girl Mahirah Adept, expert
19 Girl Mayure An expert in dances
20 Boy Nipun Expert
21 Boy Nipun Expert
22 Boy Nipurn Expert, skilled
23 Girl Parinita Expert
24 Girl Parinita Expert
25 Girl Parinita Expert, married woman, complete
26 Girl Parinitha Expert, married woman, maturity
27 Girl Parmila Expert
28 Boy Parveen Expert, a star
29 Boy Parveen Expert, a star
30 Boy Parveen Expert, star
31 Girl Pranaveena Expert, skilled
32 Boy Praveen Expert, skilled
33 Boy Praveen Expert in something, experienced, good in behaviou
34 Girl Praveena Expert, skilled
35 Boy Pravin Expert, skilled
36 Boy Pravin Talented, expert, skilled, fulfilled, extra ordina
37 Boy Prayadarshi Expert, skilled
38 Boy Pulamai Expertise in literature, knowledgeable person
39 Boy Ripun Expert in everything
40 Boy Vidhur Skillful, expert, wise, the wisest minister of kin
41 Boy Vidur Wise, a friend of lord krishna, skilful, expert
42 Boy Vidur;vidhur Skilful, expert, wise
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