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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Earth'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Aadyut The first, mother earth
2 Girl Aavni The earth
3 Girl Abala Immovable, the earth
4 Girl Abani Earth
5 Boy Abani The earth
6 Boy Adam Red earth, first human being, created by god, red,
7 Boy Adam Man of earth
8 Boy Adam Of the red earth.
9 Boy Adamah Red earth, of blood
10 Boy Adami My man, red, earthy, human
11 Girl Adamina The earth
12 Boy Adan Man, earth
13 Boy Adan Variation of adam from the red earth, earth, man
14 Boy Addam Earth
15 Boy Addy Man of the red earth
16 Boy Adem Earth, of the earth
17 Boy Adham Black, son of the red earth
18 Boy Adhi Earth, first
19 Girl Adhvika World, earth, unique
20 Girl Aditi Mother of god, the earth
21 Girl Aditi Mother of god, the earth
22 Boy Admah Earthy, red, bloody
23 Boy Adrupa Consuming the earth, a son of bali
24 Girl Adya The first, mother earth
25 Girl Adyaa The first, mother earth
26 Girl Afra White, colour of earth, young deer, dust, praise,
27 Girl Ahi Heaven and earth conjoined
28 Boy Ahika Of heaven and earth, the silk cotton tree
29 Girl Ahika Earth and heaven,
30 Girl Ajala The earth
31 Girl Ajalaa Earth
32 Girl Akilandam Earth
33 Girl Akuta Not of the earth
34 Boy Amahiyu Not of the earth, celestial
35 Boy Anna Name of a king, food, grain, earth and water, god
36 Girl Anshumi Every part or element of d earth
37 Boy Arenu One who does not belong to earth, celestial
38 Girl Aritri Earth
39 Girl Avaani On course, the bed of a river, the earth
40 Girl Avanee Earth
41 Girl Avanee Earth
42 Boy Avaneesh Master of the earth
43 Boy Avaneesh;avanish Master of the earth
44 Boy Avanesh Lord of the earth
45 Boy Avanesh Lord of the earth
46 Boy Avani Earth
47 Girl Avani Earth
48 Girl Avani Earth, universal
49 Boy Avani Earth
50 Girl Avani Month in tamil, earth
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