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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Divine'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aalvee Heavenly, divine
2 Boy Aamin Divine grace, grace of god, god have it so
3 Girl Aarshia Heavely, celestial, divine
4 Boy Amarasri Eternally divine, lord vishnu, shiva
5 Boy Amarika One who is deathless, immortal, divine, a god
6 Girl Amartya Immortal, divine, a god
7 Girl Amartya Immortal, divine, a god
8 Boy Ameen Divine grace, honest, faithful, trustworthy
9 Boy Amin Divine grace, trustworthy, honest, amin, another n
10 Boy Amin;ameen Divine grace, faithful, trustworthy
11 Boy Amitayus Of infinite age, divine, a god
12 Girl Amiti Without limit, boundless, divine
13 Girl Anangadevi Formless goddess, divine
14 Boy Anangam Not of the body, beyond passion, immortal, divine,
15 Girl Anangi Formless, divine, arabian jasmine
16 Boy Anantya Endless, eternal, divine, a god
17 Girl Angelia Angelic, divine messenger, messenger of god
18 Girl Anjli Divine offering
19 Boy Anselm Teutonic divine helmet
20 Boy Antarbodh Radiating the divine light
21 Girl Antarjot The divine light within
22 Girl Antarjot Spiritual light or divine light within
23 Boy Antarjot The divine light within, inner light
24 Girl Antarjot The divine light within
25 Girl Anubama Divine blessing
26 Girl Anudeepthi Divine light
27 Girl Anudeepti Divine light
28 Boy Anugrah Divine blessing
29 Girl Anugraha Divine blessing,
30 Girl Anugraha Divine blessing
31 Boy Anynaga Spotless, flawless, divine
32 Boy Apu Virtuous, divine, to be pure, flawless
33 Girl Araiya Divine, beautiful
34 Girl Arja Divine
35 Boy Arja Divine
36 Boy Arkka The substance, divine
37 Girl Arsheya Divine
38 Girl Arshia Divine
39 Girl Arshia Heavenly, divine
40 Girl Arshitha Blessed, heavenly, divine
41 Girl Arulmarai Divine word
42 Girl Arupa Unbounded, divine
43 Girl Arutpa Divine song
44 Girl Arutpa Divine song
45 Boy Asamati Unequalled, supreme, divine
46 Girl Asha Hope, aspiration, wish, desire, woman, divine law
47 Boy Atamdeep Divine lamp
48 Girl Audarya Divine beauty
49 Girl Aurya Divine light
50 Girl Baksheesh Divine blessing
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