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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Different'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aanya Different, goddess durga, graceful
2 Boy Abhin Different
3 Boy Albel Different
4 Girl Aneeha Indifferent
5 Girl Aneri Totally different
6 Boy Aniha Indifferent
7 Girl Aniha Indifferent, unwillingness
8 Girl Annika Grace, sweet faced, different, god is gracious, go
9 Girl Anokhi Unique, different
10 Girl Avleen Different, blessed by god
11 Girl Bhagvyta Beautiful, different
12 Girl Bhinna Different kinds
13 Boy Dharmadhatu Made of the different metals of law
14 Boy Girja It refers to several different trees, goddess parv
15 Boy Itom Different mantality
16 Boy Kaladhar One who shows different phases
17 Boy Kaladhar One who shows different phases
18 Boy Manalp Different from others
19 Boy Manalp Very different
20 Girl Neerali Unique, different from all
21 Girl Nirali Different
22 Girl Nirali Different
23 Girl Nirali Different
24 Boy Nirbheda Without differentiation
25 Girl Nirbheda Without differentiation
26 Girl Nirbhedini Without differentiation
27 Girl Sanghamitra One who maintains friendship between different gro
28 Girl Shruti A musical tone, beautiful, different, hearing, vei
29 Boy Tahoma Someone who is different with a cute personality
30 Boy Tahoma With a cute personality, someone who is different
31 Boy Urnik Different
32 Boy Villay Different
33 Boy Vinoo To spread in different directions
34 Boy Vinoo To spread in different directions
35 Boy Vipreet Different
36 Boy Vipreet Different
37 Boy Vividh Different
38 Boy Vividh Different
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