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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Devotee'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Aarif Acquainted, knowledgeable, devotee, knowing, aware
2 Girl Aastha Devotee of god, faith, unknown
3 Girl Abhivadaka A devotee
4 Girl Abidah Worshipper, devotee
5 Girl Abidah Worshipper, devotee
6 Boy Achyutaraya Worshipper of the infallible, a devotee of vishnu
7 Boy Agnistu Devotee of fire
8 Boy Agnistuta Devotee of fire, glorious, illuminating
9 Boy Ahir The devotee and god are one
10 Boy Ahupathi Follower of prayer, a devotee
11 Boy Ajamila Indisciplined, a devotee of vishnu
12 Boy Amarbhagat Immortal devotee
13 Boy Ambastha Devotee of the sky, one who resides in water
14 Girl Amrapali Famous courtesan who became a devotee of buddha
15 Girl Amrapali Famous courtesan who became a devotee of buddha
16 Boy Anandbhagat Delighted devotee
17 Boy Anantbhagat Infinite devotee
18 Girl Anurakta Devotee, obedient
19 Boy Anwar Devotee of god, lustrous, shiny, brightest, most b
20 Girl Aseema Limitless, protector, devotee
21 Boy Asgar Devotee
22 Girl Asgari Devotee
23 Girl Astha Faith, devotee of god, unknown
24 Boy Atambhagat Spiritual devotee
25 Girl Awani Devotee of goddess durga
26 Girl Batool Ascetic virgin, maiden, a true devotee woman of al
27 Boy Bhagat Devotee
28 Boy Bhagat Devotee of god
29 Boy Bhagath Devotee of god
30 Boy Bhagatjeet Devotee's victory
31 Boy Bhagatmeet Friend of god's devotee
32 Boy Bhagatveer The brave devotee of god
33 Boy Bhagatveer The brave devotee of god
34 Boy Bhagatveer The brave devotee of god
35 Boy Bhagthavatsal God fond of devotees
36 Boy Bhakt Devotee of god
37 Girl Bhakta Devotee
38 Boy Bhakthapriya God who is fond of devotees
39 Boy Bhakthavatsala Protector of devotees
40 Boy Bhanudas A devotee of the sun
41 Boy Bhanudas A devotee of the sun, follower of the sun
42 Boy Bhavik God's devotee
43 Boy Bhawanidas Devotee of durga
44 Boy Bhumanyu One who is accepted by all, devotee of the earth,
45 Boy Brahmapri Devotee of brahma
46 Boy Brahmbhagat Devotee of god
47 Boy Brahmlok God's devotee
48 Boy Candidasa Devotee of the fierce
49 Boy Cangadasa A wise devotee
50 Boy Chandidas Name of a saint, devotee of chendi devi
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