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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Daughter'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aabish Daughter of a king or queen of iran
2 Girl Aabish Daughter of sa'ad, she was a queen of irqan
3 Boy Aachintay Daughter of sa'd who was a queen of iran (an)
4 Girl Aaruhi Daughter of god
5 Girl Aatmaja Daughter
6 Girl Aatmaja;atmaja Daughter
7 Girl Aatmaja;atmaja Daughter
8 Girl Abasah Daughter of al-mahdi who was distinguished among h
9 Girl Abeedah Worshipper, narrator of hadith, daughter of nabil
10 Girl Ada Noble, kind, nobility, the oldest daughter, happy,
11 Girl Adanna Father's loving daughter, one who is the loving da
12 Girl Adi Adornment, jewel, the first, primeval, daughter of
13 Girl Adrija Of the mountain, daughter of himalaya, goddess dur
14 Girl Agnaeyie Daughter of fire
15 Girl Agneyi Daughter of fire
16 Girl Agnije Daughter of fire
17 Girl Agnikaa Daughter of fire, born from the fire
18 Girl Ajaamukhi Daughter of sage kashyap and surase
19 Girl Ajaganda Daughter of aja
20 Girl Ajagandha Daughter of aja
21 Girl Ajamukhi Daughter of sage kashyap and surase
22 Girl Ajeebah Narrator of hadith, she was the daughter of muhamm
23 Girl Akrita Daughter who is having rights of sun
24 Girl Alaimagal Goddess of wealth, daughter of the ocean
25 Girl Alaimagal Goddess of wealth, daughter of the ocean
26 Girl Alaimakal The daughter of waves
27 Girl Amaraja A sacred river, daughter of the gods
28 Girl Angaja Daughter of aja
29 Girl Angelica Daughter of a great father, angel sent, scent, sen
30 Girl Anupriya Beloved daughter
31 Girl Anupriya Beloved daughter
32 Girl Aruja Healthy, the daughter of god sun
33 Girl Ashana Daughter of bali, friend
34 Girl Ashnaa Daughter of king bali
35 Girl Askini Daughter of prajapati virat
36 Girl Asma Daughter of abu bakr
37 Girl Asma Daughter of abu bakr, higher, more exalted, beauti
38 Girl Asma Daughter of abu bakr
39 Girl Atmaja Daughter
40 Girl Atoosa Daughter of the first king of iran
41 Girl Avanji Daughter of earth
42 Girl Ayeh Sign, distinct, prophet's daughter
43 Girl Ayesha Daughter of the prophet, woman, life, aisha was th
44 Girl Ayesha Doll, daughter of the prophet
45 Girl Bahu Daughter-in-law
46 Girl Balika Daughter
47 Girl Barsin Clover, daughter of the king darius iii, married t
48 Girl Basha Polish daughter of god, stranger
49 Boy Basha Stranger, king, emperor, noble, daughter of god
50 Girl Basia Daughter of god
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