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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Complete'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aanaya Completely free
2 Girl Abhijat Conquest, complete victory
3 Boy Abhijaya Conquest, complete victory
4 Girl Abhijaya Complete victory, victorious
5 Boy Abhiji To conquer completely
6 Boy Abhinit Acted, actor, completed successfully
7 Boy Abhiraksha Completely protected
8 Girl Aenaya Completely free
9 Boy Akhadanand The god, completelt happy
10 Boy Akhil Complete, tree, naughty, intelligent, god, world
11 Boy Akhil Complete, whole
12 Girl Akhila Beauty, complete
13 Boy Akhila Complete
14 Girl Akhila Beauty, complete
15 Girl Akhila Total, complete
16 Girl Akila Intelligent, complete, total
17 Boy Akmal Perfect, whole, more complete
18 Boy Akmal Complete
19 Girl Akshaya Complete, never ending, eternal
20 Girl Akshayaa Complete, eternal
21 Girl Akshayani Complete, never ending, eternal
22 Boy Amarwant Completely immortal
23 Girl Anaaya Completely free
24 Girl Anaika Powerful and complete
25 Girl Anaira Powerful or complete
26 Girl Anaya Completely free
27 Girl Anayaa Completely free
28 Girl Anayaa Complete freedom
29 Girl Annaya Completely free
30 Boy Anoopwant Completely unique
31 Boy Antang A complete person
32 Girl Anvika Powerful and complete, a name of a godess
33 Girl Anvika Powerful and complete
34 Girl Arica Complete ruler
35 Girl Arika Complete ruler
36 Boy Bhajanwant Completely devoted to god
37 Boy Bharmal Full, complete, solid
38 Boy Ekachit Possessing one's mind, complete concentration, cal
39 Boy Ekagr Complete concentration, poised, peaceful, stable,
40 Girl Ela God is my oath, stone, all, completely, god is per
41 Girl Ellie Light, nobility, all, completely, exalted, sun ray
42 Boy Fatehwant Complete victory
43 Boy Fatehwant Complete victory
44 Boy Gomer To finish/complete
45 Boy Kaamil Perfect, complete, accomplished
46 Boy Kaldhuta Completely white, silver
47 Girl Kamaalit Complete perfection
48 Girl Kamaalit Complete perfection
49 Boy Kamalwant Complete lotus
50 Boy Mukammal Complete
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