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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Comfort'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aman The one who is peaceful, peace, comfort
2 Boy Aza Comfort
3 Boy Barnabas Son of comfort
4 Boy Bharnayu Son of comfort
5 Boy Jaabir Consoler, comforter
6 Boy Jaabir Consoler, comforter
7 Boy Jabir Consoler, comforter
8 Boy Jabir Restorer, comforter, consolation
9 Girl Lulu Soothing, comforting
10 Boy Mahanem A comforter
11 Boy Manaen A comforter, a leader
12 Girl Manimekalai Who born in affluence, nurtured in comforts
13 Boy Maysarah Ease, comfort
14 Boy Maysarah Ease, comfort
15 Boy Menachem Comforter
16 Girl Naima-naimah Comfort, amenity, tranquility, peace
17 Boy Naeem Comfort, ease, tranquil
18 Boy Naeem Comfort, ease, tranquil, benevolent, blessing
19 Boy Naham Comforter, leader
20 Boy Nahamani Comforter, leader
21 Boy Nahum Comforter, penitent.
22 Boy Naim To comfort, ease, tranquillity, comfort
23 Boy Naim Comfort, ease, tranquility
24 Girl Naima Belonging to one, graceful, comfort, tranquil, to
25 Boy Naum Comforter, penitent.
26 Boy Noah Rest, comfort
27 Boy Rafi Comforter, form of raphael, god has healed, anothe
28 Boy Rahat Rest, response, comfort
29 Girl Rahat Relief, comfort
30 Girl Raman Comfort, repose, strong person
31 Girl Riyah Comfort
32 Girl Salwa Quail, solace, consolation, comfort
33 Girl Sankhya Welfare, comfort, happiness, felicity
34 Girl Sankhya Welfare, comfort, health
35 Girl Saukhya Happy, comfortable
36 Boy Saumanas Made of flowers, comfort
37 Girl Selima Brings comfort, peace
38 Boy Sharma Protection, refuge, joy, comfort
39 Girl Solace Comfort in time of distress
40 Girl Sukha Ease, comfort
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