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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Clean'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Abyan Very clean
2 Boy Amal Expectation, bird, hard work, bright, clean, pure,
3 Girl Amal Bright, clean, pure, hope, wish, expectation, aspi
4 Girl Araja Pure, clean, virtuous
5 Boy Asif Forgiveness, pure, clean, gather
6 Boy Bimol Cleaned
7 Girl Charitha Good, one having a very clean character
8 Girl Choksha Pure, clean
9 Boy Coksa Pure, clean
10 Boy Dhavit White, washed, pure, clean
11 Girl Dhavita Purified and clean
12 Boy Glanville Clean field clear open country
13 Boy Harpuneet Clean, pure like god
14 Girl Manshika Clean heart, intellect
15 Girl Medhya Mighty, clean, fresh
16 Boy Naqi Clean, pure
17 Girl Nathifa Clean, pure
18 Boy Nazeef Pure, clean, innocent, neat and clean, chaste, nea
19 Girl Nazeefah Clean
20 Girl Niramayee Pure, clean, spotless
21 Girl Nirma Neat, clean
22 Boy Nirmal Clean, pure
23 Boy Nirmal Clean, pure
24 Boy Nirmal Clean, pure, talent person, the one who is pure
25 Boy Nirmal Pure, clean
26 Girl Nirmala Pure, clean, virtuous
27 Girl Nirmala Clean, virtuous, pure, clear
28 Girl Nirmala Clean, virtuous
29 Girl Nirmala Clean, virtuous, pure, clear
30 Boy Nirmala Clean, pure
31 Boy Paavit Cleansed, purified
32 Girl Pavya Purification, cleansing
33 Girl Preethi Love, clean
34 Girl Rayna Pure, clean
35 Girl Reina Pure, clean
36 Girl Rosamond Latin clean rose
37 Girl Rosamund Latin clean rose
38 Girl Sadhghi Having clean and good heart
39 Boy Shodhan Cleaning, purifiying, freeing from
40 Girl Shubhra Pure, wholesome, neat, clean, white, the ganga
41 Girl Soneera Clean water
42 Girl Sucharitha One having a very clean character
43 Girl Suddha Clean, pure, holy
44 Boy Tahir Holy, chaste, modest, clean, pure, innocent, unsul
45 Boy Tahir Pure, clean
46 Girl Tuya Clean
47 Boy Ujjal Bright, clean
48 Boy Ujjal Bright, clean, holy person
49 Boy Ujjal Bright, clean, holy person
50 Boy Ujjal Bright, clean, holy
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