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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Calm'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Aaraw Calm, peaceful
2 Boy Akampana Unshaken, calm
3 Boy Akampita Unshaken, calm
4 Boy Akand Calm
5 Girl Akand Calm
6 Girl Anusheeta Calm mind
7 Boy Araga Without passion, cool, calm
8 Boy Arusa Calm, bright, the sun
9 Boy Arusha Calm, bright, the sun
10 Girl Arusi Calm, bright, the sun, kills, born at the time of
11 Girl Arvy Peace, relief, calmness, stillness
12 Boy Avinay Calmless
13 Girl Chesna Bringing peace, calm
14 Boy Chinshu Calm prefecture, calm place
15 Girl Chulin Crisp, calm, reserved
16 Boy Danta Calm, a name for lord hanuman
17 Boy Danta Calm. lord hanuman
18 Boy Dhrtatman Steady mind, calm, firm
19 Boy Dhrtimat One who is calm, paitent, steadfast, resolute
20 Boy Fidias Unhurried, calm
21 Girl Galea A form of galene, calm, like the sea
22 Girl Galen Healer, calm
23 Boy Galen Calm tranquil
24 Girl Galena Healer, calm
25 Girl Galenia A form of galena, healer, calm
26 Boy Gaylon Calm tranquil
27 Boy Heramb An erudite, respected and calm person.
28 Boy Kale Affectionate, calm, fair, ocean, pure, sea, slende
29 Girl Kinju Calm river
30 Girl Komalata Calm
31 Girl Kshaya Less energetic and calm
32 Girl Lamika Slim girl, a creeper, calm
33 Boy Manprasad Mentally calm and cool person
34 Boy Manprasad Mentally calm and cool person
35 Boy Mansukha Mentally calm and cool person
36 Girl Moulana Silent, calm
37 Boy Mridul Soft, calm
38 Girl Nipeksha Calm
39 Girl Nipeksha Calm
40 Girl Niradhara Calm
41 Girl Niral Calm
42 Girl Niral Calm
43 Girl Niral Calm
44 Boy Nischal Calm
45 Boy Nischal Calm
46 Boy Nischal Calm, steady, has will power
47 Boy Nischalveer Calm,quite
48 Boy Nivant Calm
49 Girl Pooma Calm
50 Boy Prahant Calm, peaceful, ocean like, patience
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