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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Best'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aadya One who is always first and best, name of adisakth
2 Girl Aagreya First and best
3 Girl Aaress The best
4 Girl Abhayaprada Bestower of safety, another name for vishnu
5 Boy Abhayaprada Bestower of safety
6 Boy Abhi Fearless, better than best
7 Boy Adalvallan Best dancer
8 Girl Adaya One who is always first and best
9 Boy Adhvaryu Best among priests, who performs yagna
10 Girl Agrani Best, number one
11 Girl Agriya First and best
12 Girl Agriya Prime, first, best
13 Boy Agriya First best
14 Girl Aiswarya Wealth, good luck, intellectual, thinking best, be
15 Boy Amarottam The best among gods, lord indra
16 Boy Angaraja Best among beings with a form, another name for ka
17 Girl Annalakshmi Who bestows grain
18 Boy Anoop Without comparison, incomparable, the best, matchl
19 Boy Apar Infinite, great, best
20 Boy Aristarchus The best prince
21 Girl Arsitha The best
22 Boy Arya Civilized, the best
23 Boy Aryabhata Enterprising, best among the masters, courageous
24 Boy Aryamaan Best of the best
25 Boy Ashneel The best, unbeatable
26 Girl Ayurda Bestower of longevity
27 Boy Barendra Indra, the best
28 Girl Bhagananda Bestower of happiness
29 Boy Bincy Someone who will make the best of ever
30 Girl Bincy Someone who will make the best of ever
31 Girl Buddhikari Bestower of wisdom
32 Boy Chemmal Premier, best
33 Boy Chemmal Premier, best
34 Boy Chemmal Perfect, also semmal, premier, best
35 Boy Cudaratna Jewel of the crest, excellent, best
36 Boy Dandasri Best among the staffs, best judge
37 Boy Devavarya Best of the gods
38 Boy Devesth Best among the gods
39 Boy Devestha Best among the gods
40 Boy Devottham Best among deva's
41 Girl Dhanada Bestows treasures
42 Girl Dhanadhanyaki Bestower of wealth and food grains
43 Boy Dharmada Bestower of dharma
44 Boy Dwijendranath Best among brahmins, the moon
45 Boy Ferrica Best choice
46 Girl Godwini Best friend
47 Boy Gotam Best ox
48 Boy Gotama Best among the wise
49 Boy Guna Bestowed with qualities
50 Boy Guna Bestowed with qualities
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