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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Beau'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aabha Glow, shine, lustrous beauty
2 Boy Aakarsh Beauty, attraction
3 Girl Aaniya Beautiful
4 Girl Aany Beautiful
5 Girl Aarani Beautiful
6 Girl Aarupa Beautiful
7 Girl Aashinya Beautiful home
8 Girl Aashinya Beautiful home
9 Girl Aashiyana Beautiful home, small dwelling, nest
10 Girl Aashiyana Beautiful home
11 Girl Aasi Very beautifull girl, mirror
12 Boy Abha Shining, luster, glorious, beauty
13 Girl Abha Lustre, shine, more or most beautiful, more splend
14 Girl Abha Lustrous beauty
15 Girl Abha Lustre, shine, more or most beautiful, more splend
16 Girl Abhikheya Beauty, shrine
17 Girl Abhikhya Beauty, splendour, fame
18 Girl Abhiruchi Beautiful
19 Girl Abhiruchi Beautiful
20 Girl Abhirupa Beautiful woman
21 Girl Abhirupa Beautiful woman
22 Boy Abinoam Father of beauty
23 Girl Abiramsundari Beautiful like a fairy
24 Girl Abirupa Beautiful or charming.
25 Girl Adah Beautiful addition
26 Girl Adara Virgin, beauty, fire, noble
27 Boy Adharva Beautiful, veda
28 Girl Adin Beautiful, adorned
29 Girl Adina Beautiful, adorned
30 Girl Adina Decoration, friday, beautiful, gorgeous, delicate,
31 Girl Adra Virgin, beauty
32 Girl Afreen Encouragement, beautiful
33 Boy Ahinoam Beauty of the brother, brother of motion
34 Boy Ahsan Nice, beautiful, mercy, favour
35 Boy Ahsan Mercy, most beautiful, excellent, most talented, s
36 Girl Aina Lightning, beautiful eyed woman, the only one, pur
37 Girl Aishaanya Beautiful life
38 Girl Aishaanya Beautiful life
39 Girl Aishu Angel sweet lovely beautiful
40 Girl Ajar Without an enemy, beautiful
41 Boy Ajmal Pious, holy, beautiful
42 Boy Ajmal Pious, extremely beautiful, handsome
43 Boy Ajmala How beautiful
44 Boy Akalroop Of eternal beauty
45 Boy Akalroop Of eternal form, of eternal beauty
46 Girl Akalroop Of eternal form, of eternal beauty
47 Boy Akalroop Of eternal beauty
48 Boy Akarsita Attracted, an admirer of beauty
49 Girl Akashini Women with beautiful hair
50 Girl Akharnitha Beautiful flower
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