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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Worship'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Girl Aaarti Worship
2 Girl Aabidah Worshipper
3 Boy Aadrit Respected, honoured, worshipped
4 Boy Aaraadhak Worshipper
5 Boy Aaraadhak;araadhak;aradhak Worshipper
6 Girl Aaraadhana Worship, prayer
7 Boy Aaradhak Worshipper of god
8 Girl Aaradhak Worshiper
9 Girl Aaradhana Respectable, worship, prayer
10 Girl Aaradhana Worship
11 Boy Aaradhay Worship
12 Boy Aaradhaya Worship
13 Girl Aaradhaya To worship, name of an ornament
14 Boy Aaradhy Worshipped
15 Girl Aaradhya Worth worshipping
16 Girl Aaradhya Worship, worship goddess, like a god
17 Boy Aaradhya Worshipped
18 Girl Aaradhyaa Worth worshipping
19 Girl Aaradya Worship
20 Girl Aarati Towards the highest love for god, form of worship,
21 Girl Aardhya Worship
22 Girl Aarthi Worship
23 Girl Aarti Prayer, form of worship
24 Girl Aarti Form of worship
25 Girl Aarti Prayer, form of worship
26 Girl Aarti;aarati Towards the highest love for god, form of worship,
27 Girl Aarti;aarati Towards the highest love for god, form of worship,
28 Boy Abbud Worshipper
29 Boy Abbud Worshipper of allah, devoted, obedient
30 Boy Abbudin Worshippers
31 Boy Abed Worshipper
32 Boy Abed Worshipper, adorer
33 Girl Abed Worshiper
34 Boy Abedin Worshippers
35 Girl Abedin Worshiper
36 Girl Abeedah Worshipper, narrator of hadith, daughter of nabil
37 Boy Abid Worshipper of god, adorer
38 Boy Abid Worshipper of allah, spark of fire, worshipper of
39 Girl Abida Worshipper
40 Girl Abida Worshippers, adorers, she who worships
41 Girl Abida Worshipper
42 Girl Abidah Worshipper, devotee
43 Girl Abidah Worshipper, devotee
44 Boy Abidin Worshippers, adorers
45 Boy Achyutaraya Worshipper of the infallible, a devotee of vishnu
46 Boy Acyutaraya Worshipper of the infallible
47 Boy Adhish The god worshipped by the gods them selve
48 Boy Ananay Worship
49 Boy Anchit Worshipped
50 Girl Anchita Honoured, worshipped
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