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All Rashi Modern Names Meaning 'Jewel'

Sr. NoGenderBaby NameMeaningFbLike
1 Boy Aabharan Jewel
2 Boy Aabharan Jewel
3 Girl Aabharana Jewel
4 Girl Abarna Jewel
5 Girl Abharan Ornament, a jewel
6 Boy Abharan Jewel
7 Girl Adi Adornment, jewel, the first, primeval, daughter of
8 Boy Adi More, extra, companion of prophet muhammad, jewel
9 Boy Adie Noble, kind, adornment, jewel
10 Boy Adii Ornament, adornment, jewel
11 Boy Adiya Jewel, gods treasure
12 Boy Ahanmani Jewel of the day, the sun
13 Boy Aharmani Jewel of the day, sun
14 Boy Alpasaras A little jewel
15 Boy Amararatna Jewel of the gods, crystal
16 Girl Amber Jewel
17 Girl Amber Jewel. amber stone
18 Boy Ambumani Jewel of water, the pearl, lotus
19 Girl Ammber Jewel. amber stone
20 Boy Asjad Gold, jewel
21 Girl Balamani Youthful, tender, small jewel, young jewel
22 Boy Balamani Young jewel
23 Girl Balamani Young jewel, small jewel
24 Girl Beryl A jewel
25 Boy Beryl Dazzling jewel
26 Girl Beryl A jewel
27 Boy Bhoosan Jewellery
28 Boy Biju Jewel
29 Boy Biju Jewells
30 Boy Brajamani Brilliant jewel, beautiful, precious
31 Girl Chandramani Moonstone, jewel
32 Girl Charusheela A jewel
33 Girl Charusheela A jewel
34 Girl Charushila Diamond, beautiful jewel
35 Girl Charusila Beautiful jewel
36 Girl Choodaamani A jewel worn on head
37 Girl Chudaamani Crest jewel
38 Girl Chudamani A jewel worn on head
39 Boy Chudamani Crest jewel
40 Boy Chudamani Jewel adorned by the gods, crest jewel
41 Boy Cudamani Jewel worn on the crest
42 Boy Cudaratna Jewel of the crest, excellent, best
43 Girl Deepmani Shining jewel
44 Girl Deepthamanika Shine of jewels
45 Girl Devamani Jewel of the gods,
46 Boy Devamani Jewel among the gods, lord shiva
47 Boy Devmanak Jewel of the gods
48 Girl Dhruvaratna Imperishable jewel
49 Boy Dyuratna Sky jewel, sun
50 Boy Emme Jewel, gem
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