1. Office at home
Office at home
Now that you are married, you do have a lot on your platter. The increased responsibilities now demand you to be more active in the professional field. But this doesn't mean you will turn your home into workplace. Unless a dire need, let the office work rest at its place and don't bring it home only to invite fights with wife.
2. Comparison with mom
Comparison with mom
You love your mom a lot and she might be the best mother in the world. She has always looked after you in the best manner possible. And now when you are married, it's time you give her rest. Don't rely on your mom for each and everything. Let your wife take the control. Never compare your wife with your mom by giving statements like mom is a better cook or she manages house in a better way. Never be too direct with your observation and opinion. Your wife would never appreciate if you continue being a 'Mama's Boy'.
3. Key and towel call out
Key and towel call out
For the initial days of marriage, your wife will not mind obliging you with the basic assistance in locating your towel, shoes, socks, key or wallet. However; it can be dangerous in the long run. At some point of time she will feel exhausted with this daily act. And it could either because of the kids she has to look after now or the increased household work. Whatever the reason may be, all she wants is to see you a bit responsible with such small stuff. So better be aware of your things in the house so that there's no morning mess created around.
4. Too much time to sports
Too much time to sports
The daily TV soaps are certainly not your cup of tea and you can't bear to watch the drama along with your wife. Similarly, your wife also gets annoyed when you stay hooked to the TV set or your smart phone just to watch a cricket match, a football match or any sports in random. She may not be against your fondness for sports but no wife will appreciate it if her husband sidelines her for some game.
5. Extra time with friends
Extra time with friends
Given your busy schedule, your wife hardly gets to spend any quality time with you. And if you end up giving that time also to your gang of friends, then the result would certainly be an annoyed and nagging wife. She would be completely okay if you hang out with your pals once in a while. But making it a routine will not go well with her. Post marriage, just cut in the number of hours you spend with your friends.
6. Messing around the house
Messing around the house
Now this is a big turn off to all ladies. Working all through the day, women make sure that every corner of their house stands neat and tidy. Anyone messing things around can take a toll on their otherwise calm attitude. Ensure, that right from a wet towel to the dirty tees; you place everything in the right place.
7. Talking only of the guy stuff
Talking only of the guy stuff
Your wife will become your best friend in the long run only if you handle her that way. You are free to discuss anything with her but that too comes with a limitation. Watch your words when you talk about all 'guy stuff'. Don't go overboard. Limit the conversation to an extent that your wife doesn't get bored of it. Things would be different if the two of you share the same interest.
8. Looking at other women
Looking at other women
Now this will surely be the final nail in your coffin. No lady can bear to see her husband compliment other women. Be it her best friend, a colleague or anyone in random; never ever say anything praiseworthy.
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