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Kumbh Rashi Boys Baby Names

Obtain the comprehensive list of Kumbh Rashi Baby Boys Names beginning with the letter G, S and Sh with their meanings. Here you can find indian boys names on kumbh rashi according to Hindu mythology.

Kumbh Rashi Boys Names

Sr. NoGenderHindu Baby NameMeaning
51 Boy Gandiva The Bow Of Arjuna
52 Boy Ganendra Lord Of A Troop
53 Boy Gangaadhar;gangadhar God Shankar; Lord Shiva
54 Boy Gangadatt Gift Of The Ganges
55 Boy Gangadhar Shiva
56 Boy Gangadhara Lord Of River Ganga
57 Boy Gangadutt Gift Of Ganga
58 Boy Gangai Shiva
59 Boy Gangaiarasan Gift Of Ganga
60 Boy Gangaichelvan Gift Of Ganga
61 Boy Gangaimynthan Gift Of Ganga
62 Boy Gangamaindan Lord Murugan
63 Boy Gangasiruvan Lord Murugan
64 Boy Gangavar Goddess Ganga's Boon
65 Boy Gangesha Lord Of Ganga.
66 Boy Gangeya Of The Ganga
67 Boy Gangeyan Lord Murugan
68 Boy Gangol A Precious
69 Boy Ganjan Surpassing
70 Boy Gannaath;gannath An epithet of Lord Shiva
71 Boy Gannath An Epithet Of Shiva
72 Boy Gannon The God Of Silence
73 Boy Ganpati Ganpati
74 Boy Garbhit
75 Boy Garisht Heaviest
76 Boy Garjan thunder
77 Boy Garud;garuda The king of bird; Falcon; A large mythical bird
78 Boy Garv Proud
79 Boy Garvika Having Respect
80 Boy Garvit Glorious
81 Boy Gatik Fast, Progressive
82 Boy Gatleen Merged in freedom
83 Boy Gatnam Liberated through Naam
84 Boy Gatsharan Liberated by taking shelter of Guru
85 Boy Gauraang A Fair One
86 Boy Gaurang;gauraang A fair one; Husband of Gauri (Parvati); Lord Shiva
87 Boy Gaurav Honour, pride, respect
88 Boy Gaureesh Lord Shiva
89 Boy Gaureeshankar;gaurishankar;gourishankar Lord Shiva; Peak of the Himalayas
90 Boy Gauresh A Name of Lord Shiva.
91 Boy Gaurik
92 Boy Gaurikant Husband Of Gauri ( Lord Shiva)
93 Boy Gaurinandan son of Gauri (Lord Ganesh)
94 Boy Gaurinath Lord Shiva
95 Boy Gaurish Lord Shiva
96 Boy Gaurishankar Peak Of The Himalayas
97 Boy Gaurisuta Son Of Gauri. Lord Ganesha
98 Boy Gaurnandanan Lord Murugan
99 Boy Gautam;gautama;goutam The name of the Buddha
100 Boy Gautham One who leads you from darkness to light.
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