1. Know your cycle well
Know your cycle well
Before you start trying to conceive, know your cycle very well. It is of utmost importance. Your cycle will give you a good idea as to when you will be ovulating and hence what would be the best time to conceive.
2. Stop taking Birth Control pills
Stop taking Birth Control pills
It is obvious that to get pregnant, you would have to go off the birth control pills, but does that well ahead of time. Normally going off those pills a couple of months before you start trying is recommended since it would take time for your body to start ovulating regularly.
3. Considering different sex positions
Considering different sex positions
There have been enough debates as to which sex positions work best for getting pregnant. While missionary position is often recommended by the doctors, there are many doctors who say that the couple should stick to that position with which they are comfortable.
4. Get body check-up
Get body check-up
It is recommended that before you start trying to get pregnant, get a check-up done. It helps knowing your body better and the doctor will give you some needed advice that will only help you get pregnant.
5. Quit smoking and alcohol
Quit smoking and alcohol
The moment you decide that you want to get pregnant, quit smoking and quit alcohol. This applies for both men and women. Both smoking and alcohol can make you less fertile and in men’s case can slow down his sperms. In some cases, smoking is often found to be the reason behind miscarriage and birth defects.
6. De-stress yourself
De-stress yourself
Staying calm and relaxed during the entire period can help you get pregnant faster. Doctors say that stress can affect the time it normally takes to get pregnant.
7. Limit your caffeine intake
Limit your caffeine intake
It has been found that consuming caffeine in high quantity can lead to decreasing your fertility, i.e. approximately 500 mg of caffeine or 5 cups of coffee/day. Hence it is totally fine to have caffeine in limitation, but be careful not to indulge in it.
8. Exercise regularly
Exercise regularly
Getting and staying fit is a great and healthy way to boost your fertility. Also, be careful that you eat healthy. Sticking to a balanced and healthy diet can increase your chances of getting pregnant.