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Hindu Girls Baby Names

Choose Hindu Girls Names from our unique and huge collection of Hindu Baby Names. Our categorized list of baby names helps you to find the delightful name for your baby girl. Also find Hindu Baby Girls Names by rashi, alphabets and other categories from our easy filtering option.

Hindu Girls Names

Sr. NoGenderHindu Baby NameMeaning
401 Girl Abhavya Improper or fear-causing
402 Girl Abhaya Fearless
403 Girl Abhayaa Without Fear; Fearless
404 Girl Abhayananda Delighting in Fearless
405 Girl Abhayankari One who Gives Courage
406 Girl Abhayaprada Bestower of Safety; Another Name for Vishnu
407 Girl Abheek Fearless
408 Girl Abheera A Cowherd
409 Girl Abheesha Goddess of will
410 Girl Abheesta Desire
411 Girl Abheestha Ignorant
412 Girl Abheri Fearless
413 Girl Abhi Fearless
414 Girl Abhiaanshi Fearless Eyes
415 Girl Abhibha Fluttering
416 Girl Abhibhava Face Like Moon
417 Girl Abhicandra With a Moon Like Face
418 Girl Abhidha Literal Meaning
419 Girl Abhidharm Highest Dharma
420 Girl Abhidhya Wish, longing
421 Girl Abhidi Expression; Word; Name
422 Girl Abhidnya Goddesses
423 Girl Abhidya Of Thought; Wish; Longing
424 Girl Abhigeetha Praised
425 Girl Abhigjna Wisdom
426 Girl Abhigna knowledgeable
427 Girl Abhignya Wise One
428 Girl Abhigurti Songs of Gratitude
429 Girl Abhigya Wise One; Expert; Adept
430 Girl Abhigyaa Wise one; expert; adept
431 Girl Abhigyaan Source of Knowledge
432 Girl Abhijaata Well Born
433 Girl Abhijat Conquest; Complete Victory
434 Girl Abhijata Well Born (Woman)
435 Girl Abhijaya Complete Victory; Victorious
436 Girl Abhijina Skillful; Clever; Remembrance
437 Girl Abhijishya Independent Girl
438 Girl Abhijit Victory
439 Girl Abhijita Victorious Woman
440 Girl Abhijitha Lakshmi
441 Girl Abhijiti Triumph
442 Girl Abhijna Remembrance; Recollection
443 Girl Abhijvala Blazing Forth
444 Girl Abhik Beloved
445 Girl Abhikanksha Longing for; Desire
446 Girl Abhikheya Beauty; Shrine
447 Girl Abhikhya Beauty; Splendour; Fame
448 Girl Abhilaasa Wish; Desire
449 Girl Abhilaash Lord Vishnu
450 Girl Abhilaasha Wish; Desire
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