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Ideal Sleeping Time Need for Newborn BabySleeping style of newborn babies is different in all babies, but generally newborn babies sleep well during day and night if they are in good health. Some parents get troubled due to their newborn baby awake in night and not sleep well like other newborn babies. Sleeping habits of newborns are not similar, generally a newborn baby sleep for 17 – 20 hours [including day and night sleeping hours] in a day. Some babies with less sleeping habits sleep for only 11 hours including day and night sleeping hours. Some baby cry in night as crying is the only communication way that your baby knows. Therefore, you need to understand reasons for your baby’s crying by observing her habits for feeding, sleeping, awaking or changing diaper.

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riddhi vyas Posted: Friday, April 18, 2014 4:32:05 PM(UTC)

Baby will naturally sleep less during summer season.

Normally babies will develop the sleep routine by the age of 4 months or more.

If your baby is completing her need of sleep then there is no need to worry.

Baby will wake up for more times in night because:

Her need of liquid is more in summer.
She may feel uneasy due to hot weather.

Baby will develop her routine with accordance to your family life, you can help your child to develop healthy sleep routine.

Set fix routine for your baby and stick to the routine.

Give your baby a bath
Dress her in very comfortable cloth
Go to bed
Tell her story
Sing her a kids song
Hug her and goodnight kiss

This routine can not be set in one night, you need to practice the same for every day.Boo hoo!

Baby will get habituated to the routine.

You can find weekly guide on your baby's development from:


rajesh kumar bunkar Posted: Friday, April 18, 2014 2:27:35 PM(UTC)
My baby is 3 months old n dont sleep properly in night n day time.because this he is irritated but he dont cry.hw can i make my baby sleep for his better health.