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A 2 year old child requires various nutrients for his body growth. This is the year when he comes out of his milk feed period. Earlier it was milk that managed all the nutrients in his body, but now milk is not sufficient to cater all his body needs. His body now requires a correct proportion of minerals, proteins, vitamins and calories. You should consult your doctor so as to get for your child a good and efficient diet plan so that the diet that you provide to your baby covers all the nutrients essential for him
Before going for a diet plan parents should themselves take a few steps to form good eating habits in their child.

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priyanka desai Posted: Tuesday, April 1, 2014 5:33:35 PM(UTC)

Fruits are having many health benefits like:

Fruits are rich in fibers
Fruits are rich in minerals and vitamins
Fruits will help develop better immunity.
Fruits are rich in antioxidants which helps to fight with many health issues.

Fruits taken in any form are good for health.

As far as fruit juice is concerned it is best to give home made juice of fruits to kids.

Packed juices are not in its natural form.

The process of manufacturing of fruit juice is:

Peeling off the outer skin of the fruit, then treat fruits at high heat and lastly they add preservatives to make it last longer.

So, under any situation packed juices are not as healthy as fresh fruits or fresh juice at home.

If you talk about fresh juices at shop then make sure of hygiene maintained at particular place.

If the water used is purified and place is clean then it is better to give fresh juice at shop then packed juices, as they are free from chemicals and process.

Best option is of homemade fresh juice or direct fresh fruits.BigGrin

You can find more information on How to handle picky eating toddlers from:


Ramandeep Kaur Posted: Tuesday, April 1, 2014 2:36:44 PM(UTC)
Hi my daughter is 2yr 2 months old my question is wether fruit juice prepaid on stalls is safe for kids or we can give them packed containers juice such as tropicana or real juice kids don't drink fresh juice after so many effort also.plz help.