Product Review - Two Wheeler Kids Safety Belt By Kidsafe


Price Range

INR 999 to 1100

Age Group 

Above 03 Years

About Product

A safety harness that keeps your child comfortably strapped to you while riding the bike or scooter.Your child's safety on the road is paramount. KidSafe Belt is a simple harness that is designed to hold your loved one snug and secure, while you focus on driving. No longer do you have to worry that your child might fall asleep and lose the fragile grip, or be thrown off the seat when the road gets rough, especially if you have to make a sharp turn to avoid a pothole or to counter a skid. It has adjustable straps for both children and adults, for adult can adjust waist up to 50 inches, made from Nylon fabric and derlin buckles. 

Nothing can be compromised when it comes to child safety, this unique belt surely gives relaxation to those who drive with their kids alone. Good product for child's safety, even kids love to move around with their parents on two-wheelers but it at times is difficult to manage kids mood, their excitement cannot be handled easily, which might result in disbalancing. In such case, this safety gear is of utmost use which holds kids grip properly do not let them fall and avoid disbalancing.

Keeping in mind that the product is for child's safety, there should not be any compromise in quality as well. This product has small issues with the quality as it is not of the superior material. Ensure proper fixing and buckling up your child before you start your ride, regular use might weaken buckles. If more emphasis should have been given to the quality, the product could have surely raised its standard. Other than that product is worth using for child's safety.

Safety Information: Choking Hazard - Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs 

About Company/Brand

Kidsafe is a brand introduced by a company named Nu Dzine. Nu Dzine aims to create simple yet practical products that fulfil consumer everyday needs. Kidsafe Child Safety Belt (formerly known as "Zine Zoomerz") is the innovation from Nu Dzine and was launched in 2010. Kidsafe Child Safety Belt is a revolutionary product, meticulously designed to take care of your son or daughter - while you focus on driving. This innovative safety device is designed for utmost protection.,,,,

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