Product Review - Spill Proof Gyro Bowl


Price Range

INR 300 to 600

Age Group

01 – 05 years

About Product

Gyro Bowl is the spill-proof bowl that keeps food in place no matter how much your child spins, turns, dumps or drops the bowl. GyroBowl is specially designed to spin 360 degrees so that the open side always stays up, keeping the contents in the bowl and off of your floor. Gyro Bowl is completely kid-proof and virtually indestructible. GyroBowl is dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze, and comes with a snap on lid for easy storage of leftovers. 

Designed for children, shaped like a flying saucer great for babies and kids to have fun while they eat, but without the mess internal rotation center power design for the transfer, the food will not pour out security does not broken durable good cleaning.

Works great as long as you are using it to hold something with weight. The thought behind it is great. Execution ok, as the bowl is to be held by the handles to work properly. For a toddler they don't know to always use the actual handle so they put their fingers/hands anywhere in the orange bowl part. Well, if you touch the orange bowl, then it doesn't allow it to slide and spill food everywhere. Little snacks like cheerios tend to get stuck inside between the two orange pieces which is at times annoying. It's durable and sturdy, doesnot crack even after months of use, but  not 100% spill restraint.

It is less spill proof and more of a fun bowl. Great idea, but doesn't quite work as expected. It's still spills. You will need to put very little in the bowl because if you overfill, the toddler can easily swing the bowl to get the stuffs like cereals out of it.

Apart from its disadvantages, It is fun for the little one, but it also works very well at keeping food off of the floor, while maintaining its function as a bowl. This bowl saves lots of cleaning (picking up) time, anyone with small children need to get one to believe it, also allows your child to self feed without such a huge mess. Really great for sticky snacks like banana slices. Good at a certain level, definitely reduces spills, but not 100% spill restraints, but will surely reduce your daily cleaning of the huge spilling job.

About Company/Brand

Urban Living products are well-known for their premium quality, superior performance, pleasing aesthetics, and durability. When you talk of innovation and class, then you can find Urban Living one out of them. The features and associated benefits of any product from this brand makes a good rapport in the market. 


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