Product Review - Safety 1st Nature Next Bamboo Gate


Price RangeINR 2500 to 4500

Age Group

06 - 24 Months

About Product

Safety 1st Nature Next Bamboo Gate is a specially designed product, which ensures the safety of your child in the growing years. It is an ideal accessory for babies who have just started walking and crawling. This gate can be installed at any place between the rooms or at the entrance, which prevents the baby from moving outside when no one is around. Children tend to move very fast as soon as they learn to walk and crawl independently. Due to this, the child may fall from the stairs and get severely injured. This product provides maximum security to children and satisfies parents about the safety of their kids.

The frames are made of high-grade bamboo and resistant to pressure. Besides this, there are no sharp edges on the bamboo frames and the product is safe for children to touch. The panels of this bamboo gate are made of 100% recycled plastic material, which is eco-friendly and suitable for babies. This safety gate for babies and small kids can be extended from 28 to 42 inches when it is installed on doors and openings. With a height of about 24 inches, there is no risk for babies, and parents can feel safe about the protection of their kids. Bamboo products are strong and they are considered safe for kids. The pressure mounting system of this gate makes it easy to install the product and move it anywhere between the rooms. This Safety 1st Gate allows you to shut off certain areas of your home, so that your children or pets can't wander into areas that are unsafe for them. Plastic mesh is soft to prevent harm to your child or pet if they run into the Safety 1st Baby Gate.

Like every product has certain limitations, even this has its own. The pressure mounting only works if your surfaces are flat, you need to put shims between your doors to get the gate to hold tight. Not advisable as a child gate because it can easily be pushed out of the doorway.For daily usage of this gate is little painful, as you need to unhook this gate daily to pass through it, does not have an opening and closure locks unlike others.The product does not align up with the door enough for a tight fit. The rubber stoppers make ugly black marks on the wall. The gate slider is not so smooth for its fixing. This product does not work on the stairways with thin bars. The suction seemed very poor and extension are not a tight fit. Mounting is not adjustable where there is a wall with a base board on the bottom, so top and bottom mounts slightly different length to secure. Unlike other mounting which has screws and legs coming out to adjust individually, this product does not allow adjustment so you have to wedge something to securely attach to the wall. This gate is not walk-through, meaning it will slide open from one end. So, every time you open the gate, you have to re-adjust the mounting position and secure it to the wall. That will be annoying to begin with. Also, make sure the bottom of the gate will slide on the surface which also makes ugly marks on it.

About Company/Brand

Safety 1st, a brand of Dorel Europe Michael Lerner, who started safety 1st in the USA in 1984. His original “Baby on board” road sign, the brand did well in the market. Safety 1st is a brand of accessories for children that include car seats, strollers, step stools, bath tubs, bed rails and feeding boosters and various other items.  

In the late 80s, Michael Lerner realized child safety at home was a growing concern for parents that wasn’t addressed by the narrow range of products on sale in hardware or toy stores. That’s when he created a comprehensive range of childproofing products, from outlet covers and drawer locks to baby monitors, and a solid range of indoor and outdoor baby gear.

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