Product Review - Smart Dhobi Cloth Diaper Washer by smart Baby


Price Range

INR 821 to 1190

Age Group

0 – 10 Years

About Product

Made up of high quality plastic with a sturdy grip handle; completely rust proof; lightweight and easy to carry anywhere.

Smart Dhobi is reliable, affordable and user friendly. It is adaptable to your any time, any place washing needs.

Through this innovative, strong cleaning action, watch the dirt and soil be lifted from your clothes and diapers through the simple motion of pushing and pulling. Easy to use without straining your back. Wash in an upright position. No need to sit or bend over. Gentle on delicate fabrics and perfect for any type of clothes. Wash without rubbing or mixing detergent with your hands.Sturdy enough for large items such as sleeping bags, blankets, small rugs, sheets, pillow covers and comforters. The perfect Green product saves water, washing powder and electricity.

Helps those suffering with skin allergies, as hands do not come into direct contact with washing powder. Save on your detergent, water and electricity. Save on time by washing up to ten items at once.

Give your cloth diaper washing the gentle goodness of Smart Dhobi and don’t stress about those poopy diapers again. 

Are you anxious about washing your baby’s cloth diapers? There is a solution to it, with the new and innovative product Smart Dhobi! Give your diapers a gentle wash with the simple pulling and pushing action. Watch with your own eyes the dirt and soil be lifted out of your diapers and clothes. Using the Smart Dhobi will wash your diapers gently while prolonging their life with the gentle safe wash.

Remove any poop into the toilet and spray your diapers to remove any extra poopy pieces. Next put your dirty diapers in a bucket with cold water and pre-rinse your diapers in some soapy water and then after a few agitations with the Smart Dhobi, just let them soak for half hour or more. Remove the diapers and fill bucket with fresh hot water and ¼ of the recommend amount of gentle diaper safe detergent and hot water. Simply pull and push the washer up and down to create agitation in the bucket and watch your diapers get clean. For the best wash do this for at least 5 to 7 minutes. Rinse your diapers in clean water with the same action until the water is completely clear and no longer contains suds. Repeat if needed. Sun dry. 

It's super easy to rinse and wash the Cloth Diapers with this new and innovative product. A great relief for those mom's who are really tired up of washing dirty poopy diapers of their kids.  With this washer you can push and pull it single handedly in a bucket just spray the poopy diapers first to make sure the heavy load is gone and then wash them one at a time to multiple covers at a time. Change the  water at least 4 times to get the best results. Still lesser than the washing machine!

It is a great product it not only washes diapers, but you can wash other dirty clothes as well. This tool is perfect for me to clothes, especially when you do not have the whole washing load. It is also travel friendly when we you go out on a trip and need to wash clothes, you good don’t need to pay to get your clothes washed, you can save your laundry bill. Overall a great purchase for long term usage.

About Company/Brand

Smart Baby Retail Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2010 as a pioneer company that has brought the modern age diaper solutions to the Indian Market. Smart Baby is based out of Delhi and is the sole importer and distributor of a range of environment friendly cloth diapers created by Cotton Babies, USA. CottonBabies' products are available throughout North America, Europe, Australia and now Asia. While much of their focus is cloth diapers, the company also offers a wealth of other products designed to make parenting easy! The owners of CottonBabies created the bumGenius brand, the Flip Hybrid Diapering System, and Econobum. Each brand is designed to reach out to a different, unique market segment. 


smartbaby.in, shopping.rediff.com

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