Product Review - Reflo Smart Cups


Price Range

INR 1057 - 1684

Age Group

6 Months – 6 Years

About Product

The Reflo Smart Cup is a revolutionary new concept in training cups. It's a smart alternative to sippy cups and a great transitional tool for your children to learn to drink from an open cup. No buttons or other complicated mechanisms to operate. It's as easy as drinking from any ordinary cup without the worry of big spills due to the patent-pending Reflo TM insert that controls the flow of beverage anywhere along the cup's rim and at virtually any angle.It is designed for safety and hygiene with no moving parts to trap dirt and germs. Recommended for all ages as a smart alternative to "sippy cups" which have been associated with dental and speech problems. The Reflo Smart Cup is the safe, smart way to learn to drink from a regular cup.

Each cup holds up to 6 ounces of your child's favorite pulp-free beverage, do not use hot beverages. They are BPA-free, phthalate-free and dishwasher safe. Available in four translucent cup colors: Red Violet, Blue, Green and  Clear. They come in bright colors and have a clear insert that blocks the majority of the liquid from spilling out of the cup. Reflo Smart Cups each come with a round insert that fits into the grooves that run along the sides of the cup. The insert stays in place once firmly pressed into the cup and allows a trickle of liquid to pour out of the cup. This amount is enough to sip, but not enough to create a huge mess if the cup is overturned.

The clear insert fits snugly within the cup. It is easy to remove by intentionally tugging on the small handles attached to the top of the insert. The insert also doesn't easily fall out once in place. Reflo cups help kids learn how to manage a regular cup while minimizing spills. If a cup is accidentally knocked over, the liquid spills out in a trickle, while the majority of the liquid is blocked by the plastic insert. 

This product helps your child easy transition from a sippy cup to a regular cup. They are very easy to clean. A great training cup for your little one to start sipping without any spills, a very good alternative to sippy cups. Very easy to use. Perfect for little hands. Good training cups without any mess and hassle.

They look like regular glasses, so your child can feel grown up and they are great for kids who always want to grow faster than their age. They are plastic, too, so no breakable. This helps your child in learning, development skills. This can be of great help during the child teething to avoid pain from regular sippy cups.

These cups are great. Just tilt naturally, the way you're supposed to drink, and the flow is very controlled. The only negative is that it is pricey. 

About Company/Brand

The Reflo is USA based company. Specifically for training cups. Reflo is a small, family-run business started in 2010 by a mom and dad who realized the need for a better way to teach their three children to drink from open cups. After years of ideas and planning, Reflo was born and is quickly gaining popularity around the world.


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