Product Review - Podee Convert A Bottle Kit


Price Range

INR 1392 to 2500

Age Group

0 – 8 Months

About Product

The Podee Baby Bottle Kit is a welcome solution for today’s busy, on-the-go parents. The complete, hands-free system includes all the necessary parts including a tube cleaning brush. It ends dropped bottles and allows for upright feeding to help reduce ear infections and colic. Parents have found it to be very helpful in feeding infants with challenges as well.  This unique, adaptive flow system allows the baby to manage the pacing and amount of flow with ease, making feeding time with the Podee bottle, always a pleasure. 

This baby feeding system is a welcome solution to today's time crunch when it comes to feeding babies, and allows you to feed baby in an infant carrier, baby swing, car seat, while pushing a stroller in the mall or even in a grocery cart. 

The Convert A Bottle Kit converts regular 8 ounce baby bottle into a Podee baby feeding system. When converted the bottle has the special qualities and benefits as the Podee baby bottle. This is the perfect feeding system for your baby. This is a quality product from Podee and it will be perfect for your baby. 

No need to hold bottles anymore. No worries for burping, you can keep your child in a rocker or bouncer half seated and can make them feed with this new kit, all worries gone for holding them long till your baby finishes their milk.

The Podee Baby Bottle kit allow babies to feed in an upright position as recommended by pediatricians. Feeding in an upright position instead of a horizontal position helps reduce colic, gas build-up, ear infection, and reflux.

This specially designed kit fits to almost all the major 8 ounce bottles easily. Comfortable during outdoor trips in cars and planes. 

This gives lots of comfort to all mommy's out there, you will have such a great time to do something else while feeding the baby.


Yes, even the disadvantage, if the baby is a bit older, they will play with the tubes and may pull it out and it may create such a mess. It can be best used for small babies and even with the elder ones, if they are not too fussy.

If your baby knows how to hold or grab the bottle, then this product might not serve its purpose to keep you away from the baby and do your own work. As they will tilt the bottle and the liquid does not go to the straw so the suction here will not be of much help, as they will only get air.

These kits will not work on wide bottles, it will only work on standard bottles. So before purchasing it keep the size of your bottles in mind.

About Company/Brand

Beautiful colors and a multitude of unique shapes and designs were the fashion in baby feeding bottles in the late l980s. It was a transformation in the Baby Bottle business that parents gladly accepted after a long period of using trite, boring Baby Bottles. It was a perfect time to come up with new ideas because the market was so ripe for a change. It was a windfall for the Baby Bottle business. Then came along the idea of Podee Hands-Free Baby Bottle. 

One midnight, for lack of breast milk from the mother, the father had to bottle-feed his second newborn baby. Having experienced many sleepless nights feeding the first born with a regular Baby Bottle, the father came up with an idea of putting together a contraption that would make baby feeding easier, less stressful and most importantly safer. The Podee Baby Bottle (Hands-Free Baby Bottle) was born! No more sleepless nights.


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