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Price Range INR 2020

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0 - 3 Years

About Product

Munchkin Adjustable Back Seat Mirror. The Adjustable Back Seat Mirror makes it easy to view your rear-facing baby in your rear-view mirror, so you can safely keep an eye on your baby and the road at the same time. The mirror pivots to any position and gives your baby something beautiful to look at while riding in the car. Munchkin Adjustable Back Seat Mirror helps you keep an eye on the road and baby easily and conveniently. The mirror features adjustable straps that'll fit onto most headrests and help you keep a close watch on the rear-facing baby, while watching the road as you drive. Pivots allow for a wider viewing angle.

Though the product describes itself as adjustable mirror, but the biggest drawback is that the mirror is stiff to adjust and on a bumpy road it moves out of its place. 

The material of the mirror is not of superior quality, after a couple of months of usage, the mirror material developed bubbles and looks warped. Poorly constructed and cheap material. After some days of usage baby's reflection can be barely visible as it gets completely distorted. As far as quality is concerned, it is not worth buying it as it gets problems with the straps as well which gets disintegrated from sun exposure. On the changing of its positions several times straps may crumble into dust due to its poor quality. The mirror hangs precariously off a 2-inch boom or arm, so it's extremely susceptible to vibrations caused by bumps in the road. The magnitude of the vibrations is amplified at the mirror because it's the furthest from the fulcrum or pivot point at the base of the boom. The mirror lens "floats" inside the mirror frame, and rattles against the plastic backing plate with every bump in the road. Unlike other mirrors there is no pivot joint at the back of the mirror. If a baby back seat mirror doesn't have a pivot joint, then you will struggle to get the mirror angled correctly. Pivot helps in providing a wide angle of adjustment, also there are mirror with the reinforced pivot joint. This reinforced pivot joint allows the mirror to always stay in focus. So you never lose sight of your precious baby.

Munchkin Mirror size is not big enough to view the movement of your baby. Mirrors are so small that you will only get a view of your baby's face. The baby can easily move its face out of view and leaves you clueless to what's going on.When designing a mirror you can achieve different results. Such as creating a magnifying effect or creating a wider angle of view. Surprisingly, this matters a lot with your back seat baby mirror. You need the right amount of bend in order to get an optimal view of your entire baby without distorting their image. Munchkin Mirror lacks all these qualities.

There are varied range of back seat mirror available in the foreign markets. In India due to its lesser usage only couple of back seat mirror is available on selected sites, one of them is amazon.in. In India parents do not prefer driving alone with their kiddos hence it is of less use in our country, but there are still many people (like parents who are bringing up their children single handedly) who would be in search of such products which might give them some relaxation.

About Company/Brand

Munchkin develops innovative products for babies and children that anticipate and serve parents’ needs by thinking of “the little things.” Founded in 1991 in Los Angeles, California, Munchkin now has 7 offices worldwide. 

Availabilityamazon.in, junglee.com

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